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Know Your Value: Don’t Undersell Yourself on Your Resume

Learn how to find value in your everyday job accountabilities and own your worth at work– then make sure your resume is promoting your distinction. 

Many job seekers, especially those who don’t work at a job where metrics are directly involved with their role, will often fail to promote the difference they have made. A resume is a marketing tool! You must promote your contributions and offer value to your new employer so you outdistance your competitors. Accentuate bottom-line results the company has reaped because of your hard work.

Often, the lack of self-promotion is also a matter of how you look at things–Is the glass half empty or half full? Of course, whenever you can substantiate your achievements with figures, examples, comparisons or specific results, the better. For now, let’s review how ordinary sentences for team-driven positions can be transformed into valuable statements that promote the quality candidate you truly are!

Identifying and Communicating Your Value
(The following are good examples for action- and team-driven accomplishments. Whenever possible, create numbers- or bottom-line focused achievements.) 


Before: I received sort of a promotion. They gave me more responsibilities that they did not give everyone else because I always got it done; but it did not pay me more.

After: Embraced more vital accountabilities, earned via an exceptional skill to multitask and prioritize competing and time-sensitive priorities.


They gave me a raise once because I did my job correctly and performance reviews were up.

Earned great performance reviews and a salary increase for exceeding all expectations.


They always asked me to work longer hours when things were really busy. They did not offer this to everyone.

Alleviated workload by working extra hours during holiday and peak times; only one out of twenty team members offered additional hours.

I often helped new employees. They thanked me but there was no additional pay as I did not have to develop a training program. It was more side by side training.

Contributed to team efficiency by directly training and guiding new hires side by side.


Everyone always came to me when they had a problem with one of our leaders. I usually calmed them down.

Became an integral team member by offering words of encouragement to colleagues, helping to nurture a cohesive work environment and protecting company culture.


One thing I always did is I made sure I did things correctly. I never made errors; actually found errors others made.

Saved the company time /money by preventing errors through meticulousness and laser-like focus; often identifying what others overlooked.


The Formula

So what is the formula? Resume writing is copywriting; identify the impact of what you do day in and day out. + Compare your performance to that of others who don’t meet or exceed expectations. + Look at your job from the employer’s perspective and not yours! + Pat yourself on the back a little more often, banking on your value.

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
Master Resume Writer
Triple-Certified Resume Writer


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