Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Boost Your Career Growth: Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing Services


Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

While LinkedIn may not have completely replaced the traditional resume, it has undoubtedly become an essential tool for career advancement in today’s digital age. This is where our Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing Services play a pivotal role.

With over 95% of recruitment now conducted through LinkedIn, having a robust, professionally crafted LinkedIn presence is more important than ever. Our Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing Services ensure that your profile not only stands out in this competitive landscape but also perfectly complements your executive resume.

Good news! Our team specializes in creating LinkedIn profiles that serve as more than just a mirror to your resume. Here’s what we bring to the table with our Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing Services:

SEO Optimization: We strategically incorporate top keywords to transform your LinkedIn profile into a hub of activity, drawing significant traffic your way. This is a cornerstone of our Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing Services.

Engaging Storytelling: We believe LinkedIn should be a platform for creating meaningful connections. Our method of storytelling engages with recruiters and resonates with friends, colleagues, and potential employers, a unique feature of our services.

Complete LinkedIn Profile Development: Our Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing Services don’t stop at just your headline and summary. We ensure domain customization, photo upload, and optimization, thorough detailing of your employment and education, showcasing your interests, organizations, honors & awards, and updating your contact information.

Network Ready: Our services emphasize building strong relationships and enhancing your online presence not just with recruiters but also with clients and colleagues.

Confidentiality Assured: For those concerned about their current employers discovering their LinkedIn activities, our Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing Services have got you covered!

Strategically Crafted: Our profiles are designed to pique recruiters’ interest and urge them to take the “next step” to request your resume and learn more about you.

On-Brand: Through our Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile development services, we ensure consistency in your professional reputation, reinforcing the brand you’ve painstakingly built over the years.

Sector Specific: After in-depth research into your field’s most popular search phrases, our Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writers position you as an industry expert.

We offer three styles of Executive LinkedIn profiles to choose from:

Job-Search Focused Profile: This style of profile is designed for those actively seeking new opportunities. Our expert career marketing writers craft content that underscores your personal brand outlines your unique capabilities and subtly signals to recruiters that you’re open to exploring new possibilities.

Company Ambassador Profile: This profile focuses on driving brand equity for your current employer. It positions you as an integral part of the company and highlights your role, accomplishments, and the value you’ve delivered.

Story-Based Profile: This style creates a compelling narrative around your career journey, blending professional milestones with personal anecdotes. It fosters a deeper connection with your audience and offers a friendly and engaging LinkedIn presence.



Our top executive resume writer is here to assist you in revamping your online persona! 

LinkedIn Profile Writing


Included in the LinkedIn Profile Writing Service:

  • Development of an on-brand headline.
  • Creation of a keyword-rich summary tailored for your career goals.
  • Selection of competencies and skills based on job targets and SEO best practices.
  • Development of the Experience section, leveraging details from your existing resume.
  • Detailed instructions for posting and optimizing your profile on LinkedIn.
  • Pro tips for effective job searching on LinkedIn.
  • Customized LinkedIn networking letters.
  • Creation of an on-brand LinkedIn background to enhance your professional image.

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The Power of LinkedIn in Today’s Job Market: LinkedIn is an unrivaled professional networking platform with over 700 million users globally. According to LinkedIn data, 95% of recruiters use the platform to find candidates. Having an optimized LinkedIn profile can significantly impact your career prospects. Our expertise helps professionals build compelling, SEO-optimized, and network-ready LinkedIn profiles.

Resourceful Insights: Here are some useful resources to further aid your professional growth:

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LinkedIn Learning: Offers a plethora of courses on various topics, including personal branding and networking.

Career Steering Blog: Stay tuned to our blog for regular updates on career advice, LinkedIn profile optimization, and the latest trends in the job market.

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