Expert Tips On Executive Resume Branding Strategies

The Ideal Executive Resume Writer is a Partner

Partnership with a resume writing expert is instrumental

executive resume writer partnerLaunching a successful executive job search requires strategic planning and management. While most of the steering once your actively searching is up to YOU– hiring the right coach and resume writer is crucial in underpinning your success.

What you must understand is that by inviting an objective partner into the development of your personal brand, identification of your competitive distinction, and preparation of your marketing dossiers that go beyond “your view” of your marketability – you are mounting a 360-view of your candidacy arming yourself to win.

What should you expect when you partner with an executive resume writer?

Active listening skills. Your executive resume writer should be a partner who attentively listens to your marketing challenges and career goals. This is an important first step so that the writing process produces a document that brands you to attract the type of interviews and salary you desire. Again, the type of  interviews and salary you desire. The differences between a mediocre resume and a stellar one could mean thousands in your yearly salary.

Highly analytical. Simply listing your credentials and a catchy tag line does a winning executive resume make! Especially in this challenging job market. Therefore, you need a writing partner that can align your distinction with what is attractive to an employer in the job market or what is needed in light of the new horizon. The right brand IS better than ANY brand!

Creativity. Going beyond the mundane resumes of the past is the cornerstone of a cutting-edge executive resume that screams, “read me.” This must be tastefully done. Strike a balance between creativity and professionalism. Your resume is your digital suite.

Patience. Refining a resume or answering questions after you have read the first resume version is important because you must be able to understand, defend, and sell what has been written about your c-level competencies.

Experience. A partner that has seen what works and brings a global perspective to the development of your resume will give you that added advantage that you cannot gain on your own. It is nearly impossible for you to gauge how you measure up against other executives and how good you look on paper in comparison, unless you screen and write interview-netting resumes for a living.

Straight talk. Your resume writing partner should have the confidence to tell you when you are wrong! After all, there is a reason why you sought assistance. A “yes” resume writer will do you no favors.

Recognizes you as the expert in your field. I say the resume writing process is a partnership because a smart resume writer understands that you are source to tap into during the development of your executive resume. Things constantly change and no matter how great your resume writing cohort is the one in the trenches daily in your field is you!

Busy. What do they tell you about good restaurants? When a restaurant is busy or requires reservations it means it is in high demand! Therefore, a great executive resume writer will have a long turnaround. Masterpieces are not built overnight.

Connects with you. There are many great executive resume writers out there. You must find the right one for you. An initial phone consultation to ensure you are the right fit for each other and able to glue during this partnership will also ensure a winning resume!

Rosa E. Vargas Certified Master Resume Writer


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