Executive Resume Writing Service Right For You?

How To Work With Executive Resume Writing Services

How To Work With Our Top Executive Resume Writing Service

If this is the first time you are hiring an executive resume writing service to assist you with revamping your executive resume, it can be overwhelming to pin down the right resume writing partner.  

There are many executive resume writing services to choose from online. Therefore, finding the right executive resume writer can be a huge project.

Many executive resume writers work directly with you, and others operate reputable firms with a team of writers. You must interview them and choose the right one for your needs. 

To learn more about how to find the right executive resume writing service for you, click here. 

How To Work With Career Steering Executive Resume Services

As a certified career management coach and certified executive resume writer, I believe the writing process is critical to choosing the right resume services for you. Therefore, allow us to share what makes Career Steering’s customized, individualized and creative approach work!

Our Personalized Executive Resume Writing & Branding Process

Executive Resume Writing Process


We dig. We explore. We mine for distinct value.

Career Steering’s executive resume writing process is a key part of the return on investment we offer you.

Our executive resume writer has engineered an invaluable process that provides you with a partner (and not just a resume writer) in the packaging of your distinction.

Through our customized and layered process, we help you introspect, recall, and market your unparalleled candidacy (brand).

We tackle the crafting of your executive resume, bio, LinkedIn, and other marketing tools as your writing partner and most ardent advocate.

For example, during our Resume Branding & Strategy session, we walk you through a series of insightful branding questions to steer interviews in your favor by not only marketing your strengths but by also sidestepping your weaknesses.


“This is incredible, Rosa! The first page and branding is spot on! I have just a few changes for the following two pages. Let me know what you think. Email me if you need help or want to discuss. Take your time. I can use this as is — it is FANTASTIC”

~ Bob Grose, Chief Marketing Officer

 I have outlined how to get started with us below. Please feel free to email us at writer@careersteering.com or call us at 321.704.7209 if you have any questions. 


Getting the process going with our executive resume writing service takes less than a half-hour. 


Getting Started With Our Top Executive Resume Writing Service

  1. Choose Your Executive Resume Branding Package
    executive resume writing service process

    Review our resume writing services and select the resume package option that best meets your budget and marketing needs.

    We offer comprehensive packages which include a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn. We also offer a la carte services. Contact us if you need help choosing the right resume service for your needs.

  2. Place Your Order Via Our Secured Portal
    Pay for services

    Once you decide which executive resume writing package best meets your needs, add it to your cart, and place your order online. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

  3. Email Your Executive Resume Writer
    Email us

    We will get in touch with you within a few hours during normal business hours with next steps which include preparing for your Resume Branding discovery session by completing a concise worksheet.

    However, you can gain a head start by emailing your old resume, cover letter, or other tools to writer@careersteering.com right after signing up for our services.

    We have an excellent client satisfaction rate, please read our excellent reviews.

  4. Complete an Insightful Questionnaire
    Career Assessment

    No lengthy worksheet! Complete our proprietary Career Assessment (a concise exercise). Our dual process is designed to help you drill down to the core of what makes you unique. By providing us with hard data prior to the Resume Branding session, we can focus on value translation during the call.

    If you have an extensive CV or career development documents you have completed prior to hiring us, we can work with that information as long as it is up to date.

    Rosa, the Career Assessment and phone session has been incredibly eye-opening. It forced me to really consider what my legacy has been. I realized I am the most passionate about helping companies right before major organizational changes. That sweet spot right before they become huge! Interesting and worth the investment already. I look forward to receiving the resume. I am excited! ~John

  5. Schedule Time With Your Executive Career Coach
    Branding session

    Participate in a 60 to 90-minute resume branding session. During this session, your certified career management coach will guide you through a series of discovery questions that will help you/us uncover your unique value offer and personal brand.

    You work directly with the executive resume writer who is the award-winner, multi-certified executive resume writer, and career coach. Wed do not outsource the writing to subcontractors.

  6. Receive Your New Career Marketing Materials
    approve executive resume

    Approve your marketing documents (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn) or provide any final edits/corrections as needed.

    Note: our turnaround is anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on capacity. Please call us if you need help at 321.704.7209.

    Take a few days and then provide corrections or comments. Then set up another session to discuss steps toward finalization. This second session is valued by our clients, because once you have something tangible in your hands — you are inspired to pitch in and help us calibrate your brand. Of course, more often than not, everything is spot on and the resume may just need a few tweaks based on your preferences.