Career Steering Executive Branding Packages

Components in Branding Packages Defined

  • Proprietary Career Assessment. Distinction-revealing exercise that not only provides us with the information we need to craft your executive resume — but the exercise sheds light on how much you have accomplished and how significantly you have impacted top and bottom-line results for your employers/businesses.

It was a great exercise that I truly enjoyed. It forced me to take a step back and acknowledge my contributions…I have been so busy working I had not realized how much I’ve done. ”  ~ John H. Chief Transformation Officer

  • 60-Minute Resume Strategy Phone Consultation. You will engage in a meaningful conversation through a series of thought-provoking questions. Our executive clients appreciate having another opportunity to provide us with accomplishments they might have overlooked initially. Especially since our expert will help bridge any gaps through a personal branding session. *We have a select number of evening hours and weekends available, which is extremely helpful when accommodating international executives and very busy schedules.
  • Unlimited E-mail Communications. E-mail us when it is convenient for you throughout the entire process. We will respond promptly. Our admin team will reply when Rosa Elizabeth is in her ‘writing cave.
  • Branded Resume in 3 Formats. 

1. Branded Presentation Resume (MS Word format). Primary document for printing, emailing, and presenting to the ‘hiring authority’ during the interview. We will guide you and help you choose from a Conservative, Modern or Creative design, based on your personal brand and target audience.

2. Backup Resume (PDF). Second copy in PDF format to lock in design, print, e-mail, and read on mobile devices. This format will also ensure that you can share with Mac and PC users alike.

3. ASCII/Electronic. Internet-friendly version of your resume. This version is stripped of all formatting. It is plain text, so you can copy and paste easily into online job forms or into the body of e-mails.

  • Cover Letter. Our cover letters open doors and help sway decisions during the vetting process.
  • Thank You Letter. A winning follow-up note to help you cement the interview.
  • LinkedIn Profile Development and SEO Optimized. LinkedIn has become the #1 channel for recruiters to source top candidates. It is such a powerful and influential social media platform that Google will even index your LinkedIn profile — and make no mistake, your future employer WILL Google you.
  • LinkedIn Networking Letters. We empower you with two different e-mail strategies you can customize and utilized to network for a new job lead.
  • 9-page Interview Tips Guide. Our expert guidance in a comprehensive guide.
  • References list. Equip yourself with testimonials that support your brand. It is one thing when you say you are great– it is a totally different ballgame when others say it, too.
  • How to Use Your Resume Guide. A straight forward step-by-step process on how to use your new career documents.

Improve your LinkedIn traffic results with your new network-friendly and keyword-optimized LinkedIn Profile. We develop your complete, top-ranking LinkedIn profile based on your job-hunt plans (i.e., open job search vs. a stealth job search, developing a new business, targeting international markets and more).

Further, with our guidance, you will choose the best LinkedIn profile style for you: 1. Job Search Profile, 2. Company Ambassador Profile, 3. Story-Based Profile.


Reputation Package


Marketing Tools. All the items in the 180 package above, plus…

  • Executive Biography.
  • LinkedIn Networking Letters (2).
  • List of Top Executive Job Search Firms.
  • 14-page Interview Preparation Guide.
  • 3 Job Search Letters (Acceptance, Resignation, Salary Negotiation).




The following services are included in our 360 ° Career Steering Branding Package in addition to the services above 

  • Executive Visual Bio-Suite (a full page). Modern bio with your professional picture and career narrative with a quick snapshot of measurable deliverables illustrated in a high-quality 3D or 2D chart and graphic. * Includes profile image editing as needed.
  • Executive Mini-Bio. 200 to 300-word biography that you can use across social media and for magazine mentions.
  • Cover Letter Suite. (3: Presentation, e-note, and recruiter version).
  • Graphics and Charts. Visual marketing adds power as long as it conveys value and interprets meaningful data. We will discuss during the phone consultation to determine if a visual aid is right for your personal brand.  (Maximum 2 graphics/charts.)
  • Customized Thank You Letter. Customized, follow-up note to help you cement the interview. This is not just a simple gesture. It is another strategic selling tool. We will guide you and you will use it to improve upon your interview performance.
  • One Page Networking Resume. On-brand, concise, and powerful, network-friendly document for quick cursory review of your top achievements. This is an amazingly powerful document that you can leverage to ignite interest without the aggressive push a 3-page resume/CV.
  • Networking E-Business Cards. Yes, leaders still use business cards — but they have gone mobile now! This business card will be completely about your brand, your value offer, and your career goals. Because you never know when you’ll be faced with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We will even mobilize it for you.
  • Personal Branding Logo. (2D/3D logo). Leverage the power of a top-quality logo to heighten your resume’s sophistication and solidify your distinction. We design on-brand and industry-relevant logos that add value to your marketing message, making an undeniable mark. Even our more conservative clients, such as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and Chief Security Officers report extremely favorable responses. Give yourself an innovative edge and stand out with an unmatched professional presence.
  • E-mail Coaching. 5 follow-up e-mails. Our clients often have questions as they go through their job search, regarding interview preparation, interview rounds, how to approach someone they found on LinkedIn, etc. You can contact your coach at your convenience for advice and resources that will help you get over that hurdle.
  • Networking Pitch/Value Proposition Exercise. This has replaced the elevator pitch. Get your brand message across clearly.
  • One Coaching Session. 60-minute phone consult: Choice of Interview Coaching, Job Search Coaching, Social Media Coaching, or Wrap-up Session with your Certified Career Management Coach.
  • Executive Distribution Service. Give your resume the right traction and get it into the hands of recruiters from top recruiting firms such as Korn Ferry International, Spencer Stuart, Heidrick & Struggles International and more: 26,000 executive recruiters within 15,000 firms.
  • Mobile Friendly Resume Format. This format makes your resume more accessible to recruiters and potential employers via their smartphones/iPhones.