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360 executive resume package

Welcome. If you’ve landed here, it’s because you understand that being qualified isn’t enough in today’s competitive landscape; you also need to be memorable.

Maybe you’re already well-versed in the art of personal branding, or perhaps you’re asking yourself, ‘What exactly is resume branding?’ Either way, you’re in the right place.

So, what is executive branding? It’s the unique combination of your leadership skills, experience, philosophy, and personality packaged in a way that sets you apart and communicates your value to the world.

Why is it important? Well, a strong personal brand opens doors. It allows you to showcase who you are, making conversations with potential employers, clients, or collaborators easier and more meaningful. A compelling brand puts you in the driver’s seat of your career, and we’re here to help steer you in the right direction.

Now let’s get started shaping your brand. 


executive resume packages

Reinvent your brand with our flagship and comprehensive personal branding solution, which includes a complete suite of marketing tools. You will be 100% ready for your next career move!

Executive 360° Career Steering Branding Package
C-suite, Senior Executives, Chair and Board-level leaders: CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, CHRO, CDO, CTO, CAO, CSO, CISCO, Board of Directors, Chairmen of the Board, Presidents, VPs, etc.

$3995.00 ($1500 package savings and bonus deliverables)

Your Comprehensive Package Features:

60 to 90-Minute Resume Branding Strategy Session: A comprehensive consultation to tailor your branding strategy.

Executive Brand DNA Analysis: Serves as a mutual roadmap, empowering you to articulate your unique value and ensuring that our project deliverables are perfectly aligned to elevate your personal brand.

Branded Executive Resume with Custom Graphics (3 formats): MS Word, PDF, and ATS-Friendly formats that showcase your unique professional identity and help you navigate the different job search channels. 

LinkedIn Profile and SEO Optimization: Enhance your online presence with keyword-optimized LinkedIn profiles, available in different styles to cater to your job search needs (e.g., open job search, covert job search, business promotion, company ambassador).

Customized, On-Brand LinkedIn Background: A tailored LinkedIn background that visually communicates your professional essence, complementing your profile to capture attention and make a lasting impression.

LinkedIn Migration (optional): Assistance with transitioning your LinkedIn content.

Brand Value Letter/Cover Letter: Personalized and goal-focused letters to communicate to hiring authorities. 

Compelling Recruiter Letter: A dedicated letter designed to capture the attention of recruiters in your field.

Modern Executive Bio: Engaging one-page visual bio with narrative, picture, and chart/graphics (optional).

Mini Bio: A more concise version for publications and social media.

Mini Bio for Publications and Social Profiles: An optimized version of your bio for diverse social media platforms and features.

Customized Thank You Letter: Personalized follow-up communications for interviews.

Three Rounds of Revisions (by email and phone): Collaborative refinement process to ensure your satisfaction.

Targeted Distribution to Recruiters: Reaching out to 26,000 executive recruiters across 15,000 global firms.

Exclusive Distribution to Private Equity and/or Venture Capital Firms: Extend your reach to elite firms like Korn Ferry International, Spencer Stuart, Heidrick & Struggles International, and more.

Interview Networking Pitch: Strategically crafted pitches designed to articulate your unique value proposition, ensuring you make an unforgettable impact in interviews and networking events.

LinkedIn Networking Letters: Effective communication templates for your LinkedIn network.

Networking Resume (one-pager): Streamlined and efficient representation of your career.

Essential Job-Search Handouts (interview practice, video interview, job search planning, networking, salary negotiation, etc.): Comprehensive support materials for your job search.

30-Minute Exit Call (in addition to calls throughout the process): Final consultation with your writer and coach to address last-minute questions and guide next steps.

One-hour Coaching: A focused session with a certified career management coach on any career-related topic, receiving personalized advice and strategies.

AI-Proof Application Alignment: Secure your competitive edge with up to three post-delivery resume alignments within the first four months, tailored to the evolving dynamics of the AI-driven job market. By employing cutting-edge insights, this service finely tunes your application to meet the evolving standards of modern hiring processes, giving you resilience against future technological shifts and securing your place at the forefront of applicant consideration.

Annual Update Service: Receive a complimentary resume update within one year, allowing you to add your latest job position. This feature ensures your resume remains current and aligned with your career progression, enhancing your professional appeal.

Three-Month Personalized Support: Ongoing guidance and support post-delivery, accessible via email, including:

    • Job Application Guidance: Personalized advice and assistance on tailoring your resume and cover letters for specific job applications.
    • LinkedIn Profile Assistance: Recommendations for minor adjustments or activity optimization on LinkedIn to enhance your job search.
    • Interview and Post-Interview Advice: Consultation, advice to prepare for upcoming interviews, and guidance on post-interview follow-ups.
    • Job Search Strategy Support: Ongoing advice on effective job search strategies, including networking and utilizing social media.


Executive packages

The 360+ Digital Career Branding Suite is a premium extension of our flagship 360 package, designed for those who seek to enhance their executive presence and master it across the digital realm.

This elite package includes all the foundational elements of the original 360 package (above), along with seven distinct digital enhancements to project your brand powerfully online:

  • Custom-designed Personal Brand Website
  • Dynamic Personal Brand Video
  • Exclusive Custom Web Graphics
  • Comprehensive Social Media Makeover
  • QR Code Business Cards (Qty: 100)
  • Targeted Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Digital Brand Management Training

With the 360+ Digital Branding Suite, we’re not just preparing you for the present but equipping you for the future. This package is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills for ongoing digital brand management, ensuring your online presence remains as vibrant and effective as your career advances.

360° Digital Career Branding Suite

$5995 ($2100 package savings)


Explore Powerful Branding Add-ons

Now that you’re on the path to personal brand mastery, why stop here? Take your brand from memorable to unforgettable and your job search from launch to job acceptance with our curated selection of powerful add-ons. Add the following to your 360° Executive Branding Suite.

Personal Brand Website Service


Today’s modern job search is conducted on a global scale and via several channels. This multi-layered job search market requires a strategic, holistic, and cohesive self-marketing plan that extends beyond the executive resume. Your brand must be palpable, consistent, and influential across all your job search tools (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, biography, e-mails, networking materials, and online presence).

Take ownership of your online brand. Beyond what they may find out about you through your social media profiles, what will employers learn about you when they Google you? Strengthen your brand and your image with our experts. 

Website Sample

Personal Website:
Up to 5 web pages.

Your own
Free hosting for one year. ($100.00 renewal per year).
Theme/design options.
Link to all of your social media sites.
Downloadable resume.
Home page copy/content. Maximum of 800 words.
Blog setup is optional. One blog post/article is included. 

Standalone Service: Priced at $1,200.00, this option is for customers who want only the Personal Brand Website service without any additional services.



Add-on to Other Services: Priced at $1000.00, this option offers a discount for customers who choose to purchase the Personal Brand Website in conjunction with other services.



Career Branding & Transformation Coaching Bundle

Unlock the ultimate career advantage with our Complete Career Transformation Coaching Bundle. This all-inclusive package provides you with five essential coaching sessions, each targeted to address key facets of your professional journey. From interview preparation to salary negotiation, we’ve got you covered.

By scheduling your sessions in advance, you can seamlessly integrate career growth into your busy life. Plus, with a 24-hour cancellation notice requirement, you have the flexibility you need. Don’t miss out—book now and save $100 off the per-session price.

GSSA Coaching Bundle $650.00 ($100.00 savings!)
Get all 5 coaching sessions above and save! We will schedule all sessions in advance. 24-hour cancellation notice required.


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