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Every bio is unique and inspired by your career success, personal brand, and target market

Imagine networking for a new career opportunity or marketing your business with an exciting, high quality, and high-impact bio that tells your story in a captivating, motivational, and results-focused manner. A strategically written bio that is reverse engineered with YOUR GOAL in mind is a highly effective, and often transformative, marketing maneuver.

Executive Bio Writing for Executives, Managers, and Professional Job Seekers

Take your luck into your own hands with an executive biography that attracts, engages, and persuades!

An executive biography narrates your career background and progression in an organically engaging and more concise manner, unlike the resume which is a more technical document that details your career history.

By way of the executive bio, we can focus on critical career-defining milestones and weave your personal value, leadership philosophy, and vision into this marketing piece, helping you attract your target company.


  • Make a great impression with a one-page executive biography, which is a critical personal branding tool.
  • Tell your career story beyond the CV/resume.
  • Share your leadership philosophy and attract companies whose vision and culture perfectly aligns with your career growth and financial goals.
  • Discover hidden job opportunities by networking with top influencers and company ambassadors.
  • Use snippets of your bio across social media and level-up your online brand presence.

Executives are leveraging the biography every day to network their way into coveted career opportunities with top corporations, and executive recruiters are increasingly requesting the executive biography. Be ready to steer your career.


Executive Bio Writing for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Consultants…

Today’s global and digital business world requires marketing strategies that personalize the person behind the brand, while still keeping in mind that communications nowadays must be visual, technology-friendly, and brand oriented.

Partner with us in creating a masterful business bio that promises solutions, results, and positions you as the EXPERT in your field. Our questions are thought-provoking, helping you zero in on what makes your services unique and helping us articulate your value offer.

  • Who is your target audience and what do they need from you?
  • What does your company/brand represent?
  • What/who has shaped you into the leader you are today?
  • What solutions do you offer and why are you the right choice?




How to begin working with us:

1. Sign up below. Thank you.

2. Email us your current resume and/or bio if you have one. Writer@careersteering.com

3. Notify us if you have a deadline to meet. Note: Our turnaround on bios can be anywhere between 10 and 20 business days, depending on our client volume.

4. Answer a few preliminary questions by email. We will email those to you within 24 hours of receiving your order. * If you prefer, you can answer these questions by phone during a 30-minute strategy session. 

5. Review your bio and provide us with edits/corrections by email or set up another 30-minute call to discuss. Two rounds of edits included at no extra charge.

6. We will request a picture/headshot during the process. We are very well versed in image editing should your picture need cropping, lighting, or sharpness enhancements.


Executive Bio-Technology

Modern Graphical Bio Set. $650

Headshot + Chart + Narrative One to Two Pages + Mini Bio

Visually impactful modern bio with picture and narrative; a quick snapshot of measurable achievements, and bottom-line impact illustrated in a chart/graphic. Length typically one full-page. We might produce a bio that is a bit lengthier on occasion depending on communications strategy.

  • One-page Bio.
  • Graphical element (no logo).
  • Traditional version.


Traditional Executive Bio
Headshot + One Page Narrative + Mini bio * No charts.


Bio and LinkedIn Package. $950 (save $150 when purchased together)
Is your value proposition communicated online as well as offline in a synergistic, on-brand, and SEO-friendly manner? LinkedIn is a critical platform for every job seeker and business owner. We strike a balance writing for computers and humans, ensuring your profile is ranked high and connects with your audience.

  • One-page bio.
  • Graphical element (no logo). *Graphics are optional.
  • Traditional version.
  • LinkedIn development and optimization.


Re-Brand Me. $1400 (save $265 when purchased together)
Bio + LinkedIn + 1-hour Personal Branding Session + Branded Letter + Resume/CV Design Makeover
This package includes personal branding discovery session. Ideal for those who know they need these marketing tools but are not clear about the UVP they offer. Our Certified Career Management Coach will help you uncover your distinction during a one-hour session and before developing your marketing materials.

  • One-page bio.
  • Graphical element (no logo). *Graphics are optional.
  • Traditional version.
  • LinkedIn development and optimization.
  • 60-minute personal branding strategy.
  • Branded letter. We will equip you with a networking letter to pitch your services to customers or expand your ‘net-worth.’
  • Resume Makeover. While this service does not include resume development/writing, we will redesign your existing resume to match the branded marketing tools you signed up for, and we will embed your unique value proposition at the top. If you are interested in hiring us to write your resume, please review our resume writing packages here.


Digitize My Brand. $2400 (save $650 when purchased together)
Bio + LinkedIn + Website + 1-hour Personal Branding  Session + Branded Letters + Resume/CV Redesign
Sign up for our digital branding package, driving your digital brand footprint to the next level. This package includes all the services above plus your own website. Maximum of five pages, which consists of the Home page (copy included up to 500 words) + Bio page +  Contact Us page + SEO optimization.

  • You must supply content if you wish to develop additional pages or we can provide a custom quote.
  • Outside of the graphical elements included in the website theme you choose and the graphical bio is not included. You may supply the additional copy, or we can custom quote.
  • Domain registration.
  • Hosting included for one year. Note: We recommend your own hosting account (fee determined by hosting provider of choice).



Email us at writer@careersteering.com if you have any questions or would like to coordinate a call.