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Are You Ready for A Possible 2023 Layoff ?

As corporate layoffs remain a constant news headline, smart professionals are taking the initiative to be prepared in case their industry or sector is affected. The most obvious step you can take is to create an impressive and comprehensive portfolio of career marketing documents now.  You can stay ahead of any potential disruption from layoff […]

Top 10 Executive Resume Writing Services
Executive Resume Writing Service

Top 10 Executive Resume Writing Services 2023

Top 10 Executive Resume Writing Services in 2023 | Best Executive Resume Writers “The best professional executive resume writers in 2023 are highly strategic, creative, experienced career experts and thought leaders in the development of remarkable executive brands for CEOs, CTOs, CIOS, COOs, CFOs, Board members, and other members of the CxO suite. Top executive resume […]

Transition Resume
Executive Job Search Strategies

Executive Resume Tips: From Entrepreneur to Corporate

From my years of experience as an award-winning executive resume writer, I have discovered that there are certain steps to take when transitioning from running your own business to coming back under the corporate umbrella. The scenarios where entrepreneurs seek the path back into a C-Suite role happens for many reasons, here are some executive […]

Human Capital Management Executive
Executive Resume Writing Service

Human Capital Management Executive: CHRO | CPO | CTO | CEEO

The New Human Capital Management Executive: Evolving with the Times Chief Human Resource Officer | Chief People Officer | Chief Talent Officer | Chief Employee Experience Officer The role of the executive in any Human Capital Management capacity continues to evolve rapidly and, to keep up with the times, today’s HCM executive must be a […]

Executive Resume Writing Services
Executive Resume Writing Service

How To Write An Executive Resume For A New Industry In 2022

You’ve made the decision. It’s time to pursue executive-level employment in a new industry and you need to refresh your executive resume to gain a competitive foothold despite changing directions. To help hiring managers immediately see your value, here are 3 critical components to writing an executive resume (CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CMOs, COOs, CICOs, etc.) […]