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How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

In a few minutes, your LinkedIn profile could be enhanced significantly for better job search visibility and network friendliness. By now, you probably know the basics. Correct? Let’s see… complete the profile entirely and make use of LinkedIn’s summary section. Try your best to populate your LinkedIn profile thoroughly by completing all the sections and […]

Executive Resume Writing Service
Executive Resume Writing Service

Executive Resume Writing Service: Helping You Thrive In A Tough Job Market

Can an executive resume writing service help you land a great executive job during an economic recession and a global pandemic? Truthfully, yes, but it is not a guarantee that hiring a professional executive resume writing service will lead you to the job you most desire during our current economic climate. I ask you this, […]

Executive Thank You Letter
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How To Make Your Executive Thank You Letter Work For You

The problem with most Thank You letters is they are usually prepared as just a nice gesture. Saying thank you is a very nice thing to do and it does go along way, but it is not strategic enough to add another dimension to your candidacy, it leverages not an additional qualifier, and doesn’t elevate your interview performance. In other words, use your Thank you opportunity as a last marketing tool in order to gain you a competitive distinction.

executive resume re-brand
Expert Tips On Executive Resume Branding Strategies

Is It Time for an Executive Resume Re-Brand?

Many careerists in a quest to outdistance other job seekers work on developing a personal brand and that is great. The mistake is that often careerists launch a personal branding campaign based on what they have been told repeatedly they are best at. What’s the problem with that? Many of us are cast into roles that we do not ENJOY just because we are good at them.

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Good News In The Midst of The Global Pandemic

Fear, worry, isolation, illness and even death is prevalent news during this coronavirus pandemic. Yet, there are people, companies, organizations doing the right thing and their best to ease the burden, shed some light, and ‘stream’ joy into our lives. Below we have compiled a list of positive ‘happenings’ amid this pandemic. First, I’d like […]