Your Unique Value Offer is Critical and Missing From Your Executive Resume

Ready to job search with a FANTASTIC executive resume? Great! Let’s get to it. Today’s executive resume is more than achievements because at the executive level EVERY candidate is competent and successful. So, if you think your contributions (and a few dollar signs) on the resume is enough to net you the best opportunities — think again, write again, and again, and again…until your resume markets a differentiating value offer. As a leader, you are not hired simply as a ‘cog in the wheel’ but to re-invent, scale, and modernize organizations/departments/teams/business strategies. Therefore, you must clearly communicate your ‘value add’ and promise the BEST return on invested hire.   WRITINGRead More

Transform Your Executive Resume into an Interview Magnet

“Marketing is the art of meaningful differentiation.” John Lederer A career-altering executive resume requires more than just employment narrative—the new job-search market demands that your executive resume serves as a strategic roadmap, guiding you to the right market and steering interviews in your favor. How can you convert your executive resume into a six-figure interview magnet? Allow me to help you mount a resume turnaround by first pivoting your resume-writing perspective. INTROSPECTIVE QUESTIONS THAT WILL INSTANTLY DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF DESTINY: Where is this resume taking you? PURPOSE: Why do you want to go there? TARGET: Who needs your services and why? VALUE OFFER: What services do you offerRead More

Level Up Your Personal Branding

Taking control of what recruiters and hiring authorities find when they search for your name online isn’t just smart — but critical in today’s digital and global job search landscape. So, what have you done to steer your online image the right way? Well, let’s see… #1 You are probably on LinkedIn. Yes? Great. No?   #2 You have a Facebook account. Good! Maybe. Be careful with what you post online because once it is online, it stays online. Even if you delete it, it stays online somewhere. The other day, I was focused on retrieving a picture I deletedRead More


What the heck are you doing to your resume?   Trick-or-treating isn’t only for youngsters. Many executives are, unintentionally, scaring away job opportunities. Just imagine: I’m at my desk, I open a new e-mail with subject line “My Resume For Your Review.”  Here is what I see far too often…   Top ‘not-so-well-played’ resume tricks   Old e-mail addresses. Your e-mail domain is disclosing your age and not at all in a magnificent way (that was coincidentally rhythmic). Nothing—well almost nothing—screams, “I am antiquated” than an e-mail address that ends with,,, or any others formed in theRead More

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