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Executive Resume Tips: From Entrepreneur to Corporate

From my years of experience as an award-winning executive resume writer, I have discovered that there are certain steps to take when transitioning from running your own business to coming back under the corporate umbrella. The scenarios where entrepreneurs seek the path back into a C-Suite role happens for many reasons, here are some executive […]

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Executive Job Search Strategies

Tips to Job Search Success: Executive Job Seeker References

You’ve crafted an amazing executive resume and you’re ready to launch a job search campaign in 2021, but before you get too far into your search, have you considered who you will use as your references to verify your strengths, reputation, and qualifications? Your executive resume is a structured presentation of your career story —your […]

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3 Essential Executive Resume Fixes To Quickly Polish Your Brand

At the executive-level, even the smallest combination of missteps when writing your leadership resume can trigger a bigger issue (ahem … no interviews). Let’s fix that! Below are three common executive resume writing issues and action steps you can take to make sure your executive resume fully positions you for job search success. Once you […]