Executive Job Search Coaching


Moving you FORWARD with confidence and netting RESULTS!

“You have my guarantee that I am committed to you and your career success!”
~ Rosa Elizabeth Vargas

Navigating the complex landscape of job searching and brand management can be daunting. At each turn, there are new decisions to make, new challenges to overcome, and new opportunities to seize. What if there was a guide to help you through it all? An experienced coach who understands your unique path and offers personalized strategies for success? That’s where coaching comes into play.

Coaching is not just about imparting knowledge—it’s about empowering individuals to uncover their full potential and make the most of their abilities. It’s about fostering self-awareness, building confidence, and providing the tools necessary to navigate the career landscape successfully. Executive job search and brand management coaching brings these principles into the realm of career advancement, focusing on everything from strategic career planning to developing a strong personal brand and utilizing social media effectively.

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, a committed and dedicated career coach, offers you the benefit of her expertise. With a myriad of services tailored to address every aspect of your career journey, she is driven by a singular purpose – to move you FORWARD with confidence and net tangible RESULTS. The journey towards a successful and fulfilling career starts with a step, and coaching provides the compass to guide that step in the right direction.

Each coaching service listed below includes the following:

  1. 60-minute phone session.
  2. Pre-call exercise.
  3. Handouts and resources.
  4. Two follow-up emails per session.

Please email writer@careersteering.com if you have questions or would like to coordinate a call to discuss services.

“Get Focused” Coaching Session (pre-resume) $150.00

Are you crystal clear about your next career move? Are you unsure if you have enough experience for the role you are considering? This coaching session is ideal for careerists who can see many different paths ahead. Let us help you determine which path first and pin-down a job target before we develop your marketing tools.

“Sell Your Personal Brand” Coaching Session $150.00
Understand and articulate your unique value proposition as presented in your career marketing documents.  * Already included in 360 Career Acceleration Branding Package

“Social Media Strategy” Coaching Session $150.00
Are you lost when it comes to launching your online marketing campaign? How do you use LinkedIn? What is the difference? Is Twitter important? How do you find job leads? Hire us to bring you up to speed and equip you with an effective and easy-to-use digital marketing plan. Depending on your individual needs, we may be using screen share tools.

“Ace the Interview” Coaching Session (Post-resume) $150.00
Has it been a while since you been in the job search market?  Choice of a mock interview (role-play) or walking you through formulating convincing responses.

GSSA Coaching Bundle $650.00 ($100.00 savings!)
Get all 5 coaching sessions above and save! We will schedule all sessions in advance. 24-hour cancellation notice required.