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Presentation counts!

*Our resumes are mobile, internet, and recruiter friendly!

Through a collaborative branding process, you will choose between a conservative resume, modern-style resume, and creative resume that we will design for you from scratch! All of our resumes are branded (marked with your leadership signature).

Each resume is custom-designed based on your unique value proposition and the challenge we need to help you overcome in marketing your candidacy (i.e., career change, multiple lateral moves, global relocations, series of projects, outdated and mundane resume, or returning to a C-level role after a hiatus). Therefore, the design is engineered based on your marketing needs and target market, bringing focus to career-changing achievements.

We do not use templates! We walk you through a branding process and then architect your resume’s visual marketing along with persuasive content in a surgical-like manner, leveraging strategic positioning and visual elements to clarify your value offer and marketing pitch.

You will play a collaborative role in designing your new resume. The final result will be a sophisticated dossier that promotes your best — and in equal measure, attracts top-paying interviews!

International CVs: Writing strategy, language, and style for those abroad is different from what we create for our American-based executives. We will be sure to apply the proper ‘treatment’ depending on your target market.

*** Please note that you will be a partner in designing your resume and other marketing materials. 


Conservative — But Current– Executive Resume Samples

  • Minimal or no use of graphical elements.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operations Officer



Chief Executive Officer

President and General Manager


Chief Operations Officer 

President and General Manager

Chief Executive Officer 

Senior Vice President

VP of Technology Operations

CIO – Chief Information Officer

Senior Vice President–Television



Modern Executive Resume Samples

  • Design elements such as financial charts and icons will be used sparingly and based on your brand messaging.


Chief Technology Officer

Senior Vice President of Sales




President CEO

Chief Transformation Officer



Chief Financial Officer

Executive Resume Business Development

Business Development


CEO – President and Chief Executive Officer

CTO – Chief Transformation Officer

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

Global Business Executive


Senior Vice President of Real Estate Investment

Business Development


Creative Executive Resume Samples

  • A combination of creative design elements such as logos, charts, and or icons may be implemented to add value to your career story and in alignment with your brand.

Healthcare Executive

PMO Director Resume

Project Management Office



International CEO – Creative Startups

Chief Marketing Officer


CEO — International Business Concepts

CMO – Chief Marketing Officer

CSO – Chief Strategy Officer

PMO – Executive

Vice President & Managing Director –Healthcare

Global Business Development Executive

City Manager | Business Director


Executive Biographies


Executive Bio VP of Sales and Marketing (Creative Visual Bio/Biographic)

Chief Financial Officer / VP of Finance (Modern Biography with no graphics, charts or logo)

 *** We have an extensive offline portfolio, proof of our broad expertise writing resumes for various professionals, leaders, and executives. To protect our clients’ investment, we have chosen only to list a select number of samples. Thank you.

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CIO/COO client testimonial:

 After 15 years in the health care IT business, I realized my career was at a cross-roads where I needed to complete my MBA in order to proceed to being the Chief Information Officer for larger, more progressive organizations. I decided to step-down and become a “Deputy CIO” while pursuing my graduate degree, but unfortunately, that step left a hole in my resume where I no longer was perceived as an executive.

As I reentered the executive job market, this gap in executive experience had the result of putting me back at the starting gate with organizations that only wanted previous executives to fill the openings on their senior leadership team. I knew that I needed help in re-framing my experience in a way that was honest, but also highlighted my previous successes as a Chief Information Officer.

Working with Rosa has been a wonderfully collaborative experience. I was worried that I was going to be paying for an expensive “Word Template”, but what I found was that Rosa’s tools for collecting my work and experience history, as well as our multiple telephone conversations, made me think of my accomplishments in a different way than I had considered before.

I received the first draft, I was overwhelmed with how Rosa had taken these volumes of data and distilled the information into three pages of concise, easy to read and compelling information. Within 2 days of sending my new resume out to nationally recognized corporations, I received numerous calls for interviews. During one of the interviews, I was told that my resume was one of the best and most unique the corporation’s executive recruiter had ever seen, and that he continually kept coming back to my resume during his vetting process.

This kind of insight made me realize that my investment, both in my time and money, was well worth the effort.

~ Spencer H., MSOL, PMP