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C-suite, Senior Executives, and Board-level leaders: CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, CHRO, CDO, CTO, CAO, CSO, CISCO, Board of Directors, Chairmen of the Board, Presidents, VPs, etc.

Executive Resume Presentation Counts!

The best C-suite and executive resumes are those that brand you as a distinct executive through the use of strategic content writing, design, and value positioning, helping you win top executive interviews in any market. 

Through a collaborative branding process with your C-suite writer, you will choose between a conservative executive resume, a modern-style resume, and a creative resume that we will design for you from scratch! All of our resumes are branded (marked with your leadership signature).

The best resume samples serve as a guide to help you understand the writer’s resume writing style. However, no resume sample can truly communicate to you the full potential of your executive resume since the design and resume writing strategy are customized.


We do not use executive resume templates!

We walk you through a branding process and then architect your resume’s visual marketing and persuasive content in a surgical-like manner. We leverage strategic positioning and visual elements to clarify your value offer and marketing pitch.

Note that we have listed executive resumes from conservative to creative designs. However, in the same way in which UX (User Experience) is leveraged by firms to engage consumers and drive conversions, resume design should not be arbitrary. It’s an art and science, purposefully structured to guide the employer through your professional narrative.

Chief Marketing OfficerLike a strategically designed website, your resume must swiftly guide the viewer’s attention to essential elements, underscoring your impact, differentiation, and value promise. Crucially, it should be uniquely tailored to you. No two executives have the same story, leadership philosophy, or approach, so no resumes should be the same.

We take into account your specific challenges, gaps, and strengths to present you in the best possible light. It’s our job to highlight your unique accomplishments and clearly demonstrate the return on investment you bring to an organization. The ultimate goal? To ignite action – to prompt that all-important interview invitation.

Just as every successful product is built with the end-user in mind, your resume should also be crafted with a deep understanding of your target audience. Our tailored approach ensures that each resume is a collection of achievements and a compelling narrative that speaks directly to hiring executives’ needs and expectations. From conservative to creative, we design with intent, with the knowledge that your resume isn’t just a document—it’s a tool designed to secure your place in the executive suite. 


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Conservative, Modern, and Creative Executive Resume Samples


Chief Executive Officer -- Finance resume sample
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Information Officer Resume Sample
Chief Information Officer
Chief Financial Officer resume sample
Chief Financial Officer
president CEO resume sample
President / CEO
Executive Resume sample
SVP of Global Sales
SVP of Sales resume sample
SVP of Sales
VP of Commercial Portfolio Resume sample
VP of Commercial Portfolio
Sales Executive resume sample
Sales Executive
chief transformation officer resume
Chief Transformation Officer


executive resume sample
Chief Commercial Officer


Global Business Executive Resume
Global Sales & Business Development Executive


executive resume sample
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Chief Risk Officer resume sample
Chief Risk Officer
Technology executive resume sample page 1
Global IT Executive
Healthcare Executive Resume Sample
Chief Nursing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer Resume Sample

Executive Biographies

Chief Human Resource Officer Executive Biography Example

executive IT bio example
IT Executive Bio
Executive biography sample
Business Development Executive

Networking Resume Sample / Infographics for Executives 

infographic resume for executives sample

executive networking resume sample


executive creative package samples

Modern Portfolio Sample

executive resume writing packages samples


Creative Designs

Program Director Executive Resume Samples
City Manager
Executive Resume Sample: Product Manager
Product Manager
Sales and Marketing Manager Sample
Sales and Marketing Manager
Chief Executive Officer Sample
Chief Executive Officer
Award-Winning Hotel Leadership Sample
Hospitality Executive
Senior Business Development Resume Sample
Senior Executive of Business Development
PMO Director Resume Sample
PMO Director
Cover letter sample
Creative Cover Letter