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Our service model is around the following, which has led to hundreds of satisfied customers across the globe:

  • Excellent Service: We take the necessary time to understand your needs through not only written communication but personal phone discussions. We engage you via an initial call to ensure we are the right match, followed by a 60-90 Resume Branding & Strategy Session, and several calls throughout the process as needed to deliver a top-notch document.

  • Honesty & Integrity: While we aim to please you, we are also here to tell you the truth and that sometimes means advising you against misinformation. Often,  job seekers are misguided due to the sleuth of experts online who no longer practice the craft but instead rest on their laurels, data collection of the resume writing and job search industry, and on new writers to do all the writing.  You can count on our Chief Executive Writer, Rosa to tell you how it really is and respect your final decision once you are informed.

  • Craftsmanship and Hard-Work:  Rosa Elizabeth Vargas has been writing resume for more than 12 years and still writes and intimately designs all the executive resumes that are engineered by Careersteering.com. With a small team behind her (an assistant proofreader and editor, administrative assistant, and a project manager), Rosa’s time can be allocated to keeping abreast of the latest job-search demands, conducting personal branding sessions with clients across the globe, and hands-on application of these resume writing strategies, which have become more complex as the job market gets more demanding, global, and digital.



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Hello Rosa,

I hope you are well. Thank you for the resume work you did for me… it has been very well received. I have accepted & interviewed for roles of President, VP/GM, and CCO.

I have a question… I would like a resume that is targeted to CFO/COO roles as well for future opportunities. Do you think the resume you created is appropriate or would you think it needs to be adjusted?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you,

~ John



I received compliments from both recruiters and hiring managers on the style, look/feel and ease of use.

This was amazing. After we distributed the resume to recruiters via your service, I literally began receiving interest within a week. I ended up having conversations with 8-10 recruiters, moved forward with 4 into the recruiter interview and screening process, moved to the finalist phase with 3 (i.e., conversations with clients/hiring managers), and then ultimately settled on the SVP Marketing/Communications role with [confidential].

The entire process – from the time we distributed to recruiters via your service, to my acceptance of the offer was about 100-115 days. In short, this was the fastest job search/recruiting process I’ve ever participated in (of three total).

Again, I can’t say enough good things about the work you did – the process, the guidance/advice, the products and the services – in the end, delivered a tremendous career opportunity for me that I would not have uncovered otherwise.

Take care and have a great weekend.

~ Steve P., SVP of Marketing and Communications



Thank you for the masterful job you’ve done creating this resume. I’ve compared it to resumes I have on my desk from people that have tried to get senior positions from my company in the past. Your high-impact style is light-years ahead of even the best resumes I’ve seen in the past.

All the best,

~ Steven R., Chief Executive Office



Hi Rosa,

Sorry for the silence but I was slammed…I made changes to the resume.  There were only a couple of things. It looks OUTSTANDING!!!!

Thank you for everything.

~ Rhonda, Compliance Attorney



Rosa Elizabeth…

I wanted to email you and let you know I was offered the position shortly after I sent out the resume you drafted for me. When I attended my interview, I had several employees approach me and tell me they were “wowed” and “impressed” by my resume and experience as I had been the talk of the office before I even arrived.  They were so impressed with the crafted writing in my resume and offered me the job on the spot after a three-hour interview.

Thanks to you – I landed my first six-figure position with an office overlooking the ocean.  Frankly, I wasn’t expecting to land such an amazing position.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and hard work in creating a resume masterpiece.  This job opportunity allows me to financially secure a future for my children and me. 

Thank you so very much, Rosa!

~ Jaime S. Marketing Manager



Darron Watson, Technology Executive
CEO of Consulting Company
VP of Engineering 

I first learned of Rosa and Career Steering after doing intensive research and trying to find the best professional resume service that would help me address the following points of concern similar to your own and avoid the resume cookie cutter mills out there:

1.Rebranding of image and creation of artifacts to support experience.

2.Cleanup of a massive resume that had a blend of consulting, executive mgmt & proprietorship of my own business.

Rosa spoke to me and listened based on my individual experiences and strengths to bring my mantra to life; it was refreshing to find a resume writer that remained grounded while understanding how to streamline all of my experience to blend harmoniously with my online presence. It is a challenge understandably to find a resume writer that can take your resume to the next level when you have peaked and are looking to take the next step in your career planning. I assure you Rosa is it and will have your best interests in mind. I hope this helps you as I understand and shared similar concerns before committing to avoid disappointment.



I just want to let you know that I landed a CFO position 3 weeks ago. Various interviewers throughout the process were impressed with my resume and bio. Thanks for your help. I have recommended your services whenever I get a chance.





I’m so thankful that you are helping me…this is so very professional and unique. People send me their resumes quite frequently, but none compare to these drafts. There is no way I could have done this on my own. By the way, I really like my logo!

~ Stephanie M., MD.



Hi Rosa,

I used your services a few months back and will be starting my new job in a couple of weeks. The Chief Lending & Sales Officer of my new company told me I had the best-written resume he had ever seen.  Please let me know if I can offer any testimonial regarding my positive experience.


~ Rick T., Vice President, Business Development, XYZ Credit Union 



Frank, Head of Risk Management says:

By 2014, I was working for a large Bank in Saudi Arabia for five years. I had reached the limit in my role as there is a ‘ceiling’ for expatriates. I had built a Risk Management team from scratch and initiated three projects, one of which was related to regulatory governance.

I began searching in February 2014 for a suitable resume writer as I felt mine could use a professional touch. I researched on the web and asked around. I shortlisted Career Steering in the top tier of such service providers. Later, a colleague approached me, and we found that he had independently ranked Career Steering high on his list as well.

I began working with Rosa at Career Steering in March 2014. I had diligently worked on the Career Assessment and Branding Exercises. I also provided all the material that Rosa had requested. My LinkedIn profile was updated. All the career tools had a consistent message and branded look.

By late April I was contacted by a recruiter for several roles. One role that stood out was with a larger multinational Bank in the UAE. I went for the first interview on May 14. At that interview, the CRO was so impressed, that he arranged for a follow-up interview the next day. The next week, they were considering me for a larger role. The week after, I had a phone interview with the CEO and Country Head of the Bank’s Egypt operations. This was my fifth interview.

Then began the compensation negotiation. After all the approvals were done, I received the offer letter on July 16. It has been quite the journey. I was impressed with the biographic, cover letter, resume, LinkedIn profile, and Thank You note produced by Career Steering. This made a real difference in securing the interview and during the interview as well.

My advice to others is to do justice to the Career Assessment and Branding Exercises. Lock yourself in a quiet room and chip away at it. The results have been well worth it. I have received a 40% uplift in my total compensation package, increased responsibility, and career satisfaction. What was not achievable due to the imposed ceiling at my current employer was now achieved through hiring a specialist in the personal branding field.

I would highly recommend Rosa and Career Steering if you want to reach your next level.  



Greg Kelaart-Courtney, Chief Information Officer says:

I enjoyed working with Rosa, the quality of her work was phenomenal. She had to wade through copious amounts of background data to develop several branding documents. The quality of these documents was outstanding not only in the actual content but also the graphical representation.  

Rosa is a very personable and talented individual who diligently ‘peels back the onion’ to understand you’re greatest talents and abilities, she then turns this information into highly polished documentation. I highly recommend Rosa for her work ethic and ability to product branding documentation and resumes of the highest quality, well worth the investment by any executive wishing to take on a new challenge in their career.  



Hi Rosa,

Hope all is well with you! I wanted to take a moment to provide you an update from the time we spent working together. You created two awesome resumes for me; both were well received! I applied for one job on my own and passed along my resume to 2 friends. I was called for interviews on all 3 positions and extended offers on 2 of them while being the top candidate for the 3rd position until I had to withdraw for accepting one of the other offers!

I firmly believe I would not have had these opportunities without you and your exceptional talent in resume writing and design.

I know I picked the right person to compliment me. I couldn’t have done it without you. To say thank you, and how confident I am in your skills being the game changer, I have recommended you to a former co-worker, and will continue to recommend you to everyone whom may need a resume facelift! 🙂

Take care!

~ Angela Asbury, Product Manager



CIO/COO  Spencer says:

After 15 years in the healthcare IT business, I realized my career was at a crossroads where I needed to complete my MBA to proceed to being the Chief Information Officer for larger, more progressive organizations. I decided to step-down and become a “Deputy CIO” while pursuing my graduate degree, but unfortunately, that step left a hole in my resume where I no longer was perceived as an executive.

As I reentered the executive job market, this gap in executive experience had the result of putting me back at the starting gate with organizations that only wanted previous executives to fill the openings on their senior leadership team. I knew that I needed help in re-framing my experience in a way that was honest but also highlighted my previous successes as a Chief Information Officer.

Working with Rosa has been a wonderfully collaborative experience. I was worried that I was going to be paying for an expensive “Word Template,” but what I found was that Rosa’s tools for collecting my work and experience history, as well as our multiple telephone conversations, made me think of my accomplishments in a different way than I had considered before.

When I received the first draft, I was overwhelmed with how Rosa had taken these volumes of data and distilled the information into three pages of concise, easy to read and compelling information. Within two days of sending my new resume out to nationally recognized corporations, I received numerous calls for interviews. During one of the interviews, I was told that my resume was one of the best and unique the corporation’s executive recruiter had ever seen and that he continually kept coming back to my resume during his vetting process.

This kind of insight made me realize that my investment, both in my time and money, was well worth the effort.

~ Spencer Hamons, MSOL, PMP, Chief Information Officer


The above is only a partial list of our testimonials. Most of our clients are conducting a covert job search, and we need to protect their confidentiality. However, you will find more testimonials embedded into different pages on this website and LinkedIn. If you are one of our happy customers, please email your testimonial to writer@careersteering.com. We periodically rotate testimonials. Thank you.

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