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How Do Executive Resume Writers Add Value

Executive Resume Writers: How They Add Value

Like so many executives ready to pull the trigger on a new job search, you’ve found that writing your executive resume is not easy. You’re busy with everything else in your life, and you’ve decided that investing in a professional executive resume writing service will save you time as well as your sanity. But, with the world at your fingertips via search engine magic, it’s hard to know who to trust, and which executive resume writers will deliver the best ROI.

The best executive resume writers are content strategists and job seeker marketers who specialize in writing executive-level job search tools including executive resumes and cover letters, executive biographies, LinkedIn profiles, networking resumes, executive summaries, and web content for job search purposes–at the six-figure + level. 

There are many executive resume writers online. To find the best resume writer for you, you have to perform your due diligence. Here are a few things to look for when hiring top resume writers. 

A Track Record of Success Serving as a True Partner to C-Suite Executives

Executive resume writers come with varying degrees of training and experience. Some resume writers have pursued and earned professional resume writing certifications.

When you choose a resume writer with an advanced certification (e.g., CERW, MRW, NCRW, ACRW), you can rest easier knowing you are in the hands of professional executive resume writers with the skills, experience, and tools of the trade needed to articulate your value, brand, expertise fully, and accomplishments via your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and other career-related documents.

Along with the distinction of advanced certifications, certified executive resume writers are masters at articulating the C-suite executive’s unique brand and devising a strategy that persuasively markets CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, CISOs, etc., as the candidate of choice for the position they are seeking.

Resume writers at this level have a history of outstanding service, helping clients from around the globe seize more opportunities.

There are several professional resume writing designations. Each credentialing body has its own established criteria and benchmarks to approve certification.

Maria Hebda, who is the Founder and CEO of The Career Experts, has done a fantastic job at listing the top certifications along with information on the certification process, criteria, standards, and she even listed certification administrator contact. She writes the following: 

“To earn the NCRW certification, the writer must demonstrate a high level of expertise in resume writing, cover letter composition, proofreading, and electronic resume preparation. Once the member has achieved the NCRW designation, that member must obtain approved CEUs to maintain the certification.”

“Resume writers possessing the CPRW credential must pass a timed examination consisting of four modules, testing writer’s industry knowledge and understanding of the resume writing field, his/her command for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and proofreading, and skills in strategic thinking on resume-related issues.”

“CMRW requirements include the prerequisite of a recognized resume certification, submission of seven professional resumes, one ASCII resume conversion and two cover letter samples; a personal biography or resume, and either an essay of 1000+ words on writer’s philosophy and approach to resume writing or an article of 1000+ words on a topic related to resume writing that demonstrates writer’s expertise.” 

Repackaging Your Employment History

As a strategic writing partner in your executive job search, a master-level executive resume writer will ask the right questions to learn the most they can about your specific career goals, experience, and achievements. By directly collaborating with you, they can arm themselves with the information needed to expertly align your business expertise with your next employer’s needs.

Besides, because they have cultivated a specialized perspective of the job search landscape, this level of executive resume writer will help you unlock the door to your unique value, uncover your distinction, and create a strategy to market you for the job of your dreams.

The difference between a ‘professional executive resume writer’ and a certified executive resume writer is the latter has proven experience at articulating the executive’s brand with care and knowledge crafting job search documents with distinction–all based upon 100% dedication to staying abreast of the latest job-search trends and techniques, providing personal and direct interaction, and a history of delivering top-notch career documents that land six-figure salaries.

By leaning into this level of expertise, you will have the job search tools you need to secure your next leadership position.

Time Savings + More Opportunities

Certified executive resume writers stay on top of the latest trends in resume writing and job search techniques, are ethical in their practice and committed to helping clients get results–closing the gap faster between where they are now and their new career goals.

When you are at a crossroads in your career, it is in your best interest to present employers with information the conveys the depth of your value and showcases how you are the answer to their challenges. And, as the thought leader in your industry, it is best to steer clear of cut-and-paste, template-style documents that blend in with rather than rising above the competition. In today’s complex job market, employers can see “fluff” from a mile away.

Stellar Executive Resume Samples + Legitimate Reviews + Top Credentials

When choosing an executive resume writing service, look at their samples + reviews + credentials. Credentials alone don’t always tell the whole story. Samples will give you an idea of the writing style the firm offers, and reviews will provide proof of their success rate. That said, at the C-suite level, confidentiality is a must, and top-level firms have to be cautious when sharing customer info on their website; therefore, be sure to head over to the writer’s LinkedIn profile to read direct-from-client reviews.

The goal of any job search is to land interviews. To do that, you need a solid resume and strategic plan that will accelerate your job search and help you land coveted interviews. Yes, there is an investment; however, you will see the value of engaging with a certified executive resume writer in spades by helping you transform your job search and achieve your career goals through:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of industry standards and formats. They eliminate the guessing by knowing what works and what doesn’t.
  • Ability to eliminate red flags. They know what to include and what to leave off of your job search documents.
  • Expertise in streamlining career narratives to shape your personal brand. They know how to make your career story come alive, providing you with a consistent brand message across all career tools.

How do you find an executive resume writer?

You can visit one of the resume writing organizations named above and look through their directory of certified resume writers. 

You can Google Executive Resume Writer and visit each corporation, making an inventory of your likes and dislikes as you browse the website.  Then contact the firm to get to know your resume writer before you hire him/her. 

If you would like to speak to our writer, Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, please call 321.704.7209.

We can also connect you with our colleagues, who are among the best resume writers.

Questions to Ask Your Executive Resume Writers 

We’ve put a list together of what we believe is essential when choosing executive resume writers. Please read that article here.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our resume writers, please email us at writer@careersteering.com 

Good luck! 

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