Top 10 Executive Resume Writing Services for 2019

Top 10 Executive Resume Writing Services

Top 10 Executive Resume Writing Services for 2019

And the winners are…

Drum roll, please.


Did you really expect a list of top 10 executive resume writers list? Sorry to disappoint you. Instead of creating a top 10 executive resume writing services list, I’d like to offer you some valuable insights so that YOU can create your own list of the top 10 executive resume writers or top 10 executive resume writing services to assist you with your 2019 executive job search campaign. Deal? Great. Let’s begin.

To find and partner with the best executive resume writing service firm, you need to determine how you prefer to work. While you must consider qualifications, experience, and accolades when searching for the ’10 best executive resume writing service,’ you must also find your right-fit certified executive resume writer. Why? Let’s face it, there are many experienced and expert executive resume writing services online. What is essential is that you pin down the top 10 executive resume writing services for you and then choose your best resume branding partner. 

Build Your List of Best 10 Executive Resume Writers

What are you looking for from your executive resume writing partner?

Yes. We will begin with you. It is essential that you work with a senior executive resume writing service that brings out the best in you and helps you uncover what you might have overlooked. The same way in which corporate executives identify, vet, and select ideal companies for corporate mergers & acquisitions—you, too, must ensure that the executive resume writer you choose will add value to what you already bring ‘to the table’ in the development of your executive resume and career marketing tools.

Here are a few things you might want to consider when searching for the 10 top certified executive resume writers

Process. Is the way they work feasible for you regarding time? Does it sound like a professional executive resume writing process you would enjoy? Would it provide the intended outcome based on the way you collaborate best—because, let me assure you, this is a partnership-based process.

Many professional resume writers work with senior executives strictly by phone; others never speak with executive job seekers and interact via email only. Some executive resume writers collaborate with their executive clients via a combination of methods (phone/video/in-person and written communications).

Which is best? Well, you will get different answers depending on who you ask. Consider the following:

  1. Do you come up with more meaningful answers by taking the time to write out your thoughts?
  2. Do you prefer to speak to someone on the phone throughout the entire process?
  3. Would it be better for you to meet with your writer in real life? While most everything is done virtually nowadays–some folks still prefer that face-to-face interaction.
  4. Would you prefer a combination of both? Ours is a dual process because that is how we have achieved the best outcomes; this technique attracts senior executives who would like to think and contemplate questions, and then have a follow-up call to plug any holes, discuss branding strategy, and partner in the development of a personal brand.

How Much are You Willing to Invest in a Top Executive Resume Writer? How Much Should an Executive Resume Cost?

Resume writing and coaching services range in price. And, I mean range. I can’t tell you how much resume writing services should cost. What I can tell you is that you should focus on value vs. pricing.

What should you consider when sizing up your investment and the return? Having been in the executive resume writing industry for more than 15 years, I will share what I would look for if I were in your shoes.

Of course, you are looking for results! But, here are some specifics you can confirm upfront:

Top 10 Certified Executive Resume Writers

This is a great place to begin. Why? An executive resume writer who is certified has taken the time to invest in themselves. They are asking you to invest in yourself. Right? Practice what you preach is my motto. Also, becoming a certified resume writer is a comprehensive process. Depending on the association that grants these designations, the process involves several steps to ensure that the executive resume writer is qualified and talented.

There are several industry-recognized certifications; I will mention the ones I consider top resume writing certifications:

Academy Certified Resume Writers 

Nationally Certified Resume Writers

Certified Master Resume Writers

Master Resume Writers

Certified Professional Resume Writers

You should ensure that the certifications are active and that the person writing your executive resume is the one with the credentials. If you have chosen to work with a writer who isn’t certified, ask to see resume samples; have them walk you through their process and ask them to share what experience/training qualifies them to write career marketing tools for senior executives.

Corporate Understanding and Experience For Best Executive Resume Writing 

It is my honest opinion that a specific background is needed to write about the corporate world. Either as an executive, supporting executives, training/coaching/advising executives, or at the very least some business experience in the real world.  At this level, it is essential that the writer understands the challenges, the corporate culture, and the demands with ‘real-world’ attunement.

Engagement With Your Executive Resume Writer

Connecting with your executive resume writer before, during, or/and after the process is essential. How can someone write for you, if they haven’t taken the time to learn more about you?

Continuing Education and Industry Exposure

The executive resume writing services that seek advancement through resume writing awards, career coaching certifications, memberships with resume writing and career coaching associations will be abreast of the latest executive recruitment and executive job search trends.

Technology & Social Media Expertise Important In Choosing a Top Executive Resume Writing Service 

An executive resume writer who has a strong online brand, technical chops, and is social media savvy will be better able to guide you in the building your executive brand and job searching in this new modern world of work, which is heavily focused on online content creation, social media networking, and digital brand footprint expansion.

Comprehensive Executive Job Search Solutions

Once you have your new branded executive resume in hand, now what? You must ask your executive resume writer about how they can help you beyond content development. Our executive resume writing service can help you from resume development to online reputation management, contacting and distributing your resume to executive recruiters, and negotiating your six-figure salary

Top 10 Best Executive Resume Writing Services for 2019

Please be careful when you come across websites claiming they have narrowed down the top 10 resume writing firms for executives. When you come across these kinds of posts, you should ask yourself what makes those the top ten? Who chose them? What was the selection process? Is it fact-based or opinion-based?  What criteria was utilized to narrow down these resume writing firms?

Good luck finding the right executive resume writing service to partner with you. If you would like to speak with us and learn if we are the right resume service firm to assist you, please contact us.

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