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Top 10 Executive Resume Writing Services 2023

Top 10 Executive Resume Writing Services in 2023 | Best Executive Resume Writers

“The best professional executive resume writers in 2023 are highly strategic, creative, experienced career experts and thought leaders in the development of remarkable executive brands for CEOs, CTOs, CIOS, COOs, CFOs, Board members, and other members of the CxO suite.

Top executive resume writers are excellent at interviewing you and helping you unearth your unique value proposition. They build executive resumes that empower you with a unique voice and market an irresistible executive profile.” ~ Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, Multi-certified and award-winning resume writer 

How To Find The “Top 10 Executive Resume Writers”

Top executive resume writers

Building a top-quality executive resume is a comprehensive, sophisticated, and strategic endeavor; this is why the best executive resume writers are those who offer decades of experience, including a combination of resume writing, career marketing, and business success.

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The top executive resume writing services work with top-tier C-suite and senior executives in various industries, helping global executives overcome a wide range of self-marketing challenges:

  • Are you an executive who has worked for the same employer for more than 10 years?
  • Perhaps you are an executive who has been working as a consultant and now you wish to find a permanent home.
  • Maybe your executive resume doesn’t reflect the level of your leadership seniority. 
  • Are you ready to take your career to the next level, but you don’t know how to focus your executive resume on the right value-add message? 

Whatever the challenge you are facing in positioning yourself as the best executive candidate for that coveted leadership position, an expert executive resume writer is worth the investment. 

Top executive resume writers are excellent resume branding partners. The best C-suite resume services will bring expert writing practices to the development of your executive resume (strategy, perspective, objectivity, masterful writing skill, and career marketing insight). 


You are looking for a “top executive resume writing service,” but there are many resume services online. With hundreds of professional C-level resume writers on the web, how do you determine who is the best?

It is essential to pin down the best executive resume writing service based on your preferences, service needs, specialty, and career trajectory. 

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How To Build Your List of Top 10 Executive Resume Services In 2023

By considering how you prefer to collaborate in the development of your new executive resume, you will be able to find your right-fit resume writer.

Executive resume branding is truly a personalized process. In working with your executive resume writer, you will have several conversations. This iteration process is critical to building a cohesive and comprehensive executive resume package (executive resume, executive bio, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile) with a consistent and meaningful brand. In addition, this process will help you practice steering a persuasive and job-winning interview

What to Look For in a Top Executive Resume Writer

When searching for a #1 executive resume writing service, you must consider resume writing qualifications, experience, and accolades.

Before choosing “top executive resume writers,” you must contact them to also make a personal connection with your professional CV writer. What are you looking for from your executive resume writing partner?  The same way corporate executives identify, vet, and select ideal companies for corporate mergers & acquisitions (M&As)—finding the best resume writer requires due diligence.

Here are a few things you  to consider when searching for top professional executive resume services: 

The executive resume writing process:
 Is the way they work feasible? Does it sound like a professional executive resume writing process you would enjoy?

Would it provide the intended job search outcome based on the way you collaborate best? Because, let me assure you, this is a partnership-based writing process.

Many professional executive resume writers work with senior executives strictly by phone; others never speak with the job seeker and interact via email only.

Some resume writers collaborate with their executive clients via various methods (phone/video/in-person and written communications).

Which is the best resume service process? Well, you will hear different answers depending on whom you ask. Consider the following:

  • Do you come up with more meaningful solutions by taking the time to write out your thoughts?
  • Do you prefer to speak to an executive resume writer on the phone throughout the entire process?
  • Would it be better for you to meet with your resume writer in real life? While it seems as if all services are conducted virtually nowadays–some folks still prefer face-to-face interaction.
  • Would you prefer a combination of both the worksheet and phone process? Ours is a dual process because that is how we have achieved the best outcomes for our executive clients. This resume writing technique attracts senior executives who would like to think and contemplate resume branding questions and then have a follow-up call to plug any holes, discuss branding strategy, and partner in developing a branded resume.

How Much Are You Willing to Invest in a Professional Executive Resume Writing Service?

How Much Should Expert Resume Writing Services Cost?Resume Writing Cost

Professional executive resume services and coaching services range in price–and I mean range. I can’t tell you how much resume writing services should cost. What I can share is that you should focus on value vs. pricing.

What should you consider when sizing up your investment and the return on a resume service?

Having been in the resume writing industry for more than 15 years, I will share what I would look for if I were in your shoes.

Of course, you are looking for results, but the following are some specifics you can confirm upfront when hiring an executive resume writer.

Getting Started With a Top-Rated Executive Resume Writing Service in 2023

#1. The Best Resume Writers Are Certified Executive Resume Writers

Finding a certified executive resume writer is a great place to begin. Why? Resume writers who invest in themselves make the best resume writing partners. They are asking you to invest in yourself. Right? Practice what you preach is my motto.

Becoming a certified resume writer is a comprehensive process. Depending on the association that grants these resume writing designations, the process involves several steps to ensure that the pro resume writer is qualified and talented, resulting in winning results for you.

There are several industry-recognized certifications; I will mention the ones I consider the best resume writing certifications:

Certified Resume Writers

Academy Certified Resume Writers 

Nationally Certified Resume Writers

Certified Master Resume Writers

Master Resume Writers

Certified Professional Resume Writers

Career Thought Leaders

And some are involved in resume writing and coaching alliances such as:

The Career Experts

The Academies

You should ensure that the certifications are active and that the person writing your executive resume is the one with the credentials. If you have chosen to work with a writer who isn’t certified, ask to see executive resume samples. Ask them to walk you through their process and ask them to share what experience/training qualifies them to write career marketing tools for senior executives.

#2. Top Executive Resume Services Should Offer Corporate Understanding and ExperienceBest Executive Resume Writers

I honestly believe that a specific background is needed to write about the corporate world, either as an executive, supporting executives, training/coaching/advising executives, or at the very least, business experience in the real world. 

At this level, the writer must understand the challenges, the corporate culture, and the demands with real-world attunement.

#3. Client

Connecting with your executive resume writer before, during, or/and after the process is essential. How can someone write for you if they haven’t taken the time to meet you or learn more about you?


#4. Continuing Education and Industry Exposure

Top resume writers seek advancement through resume writing awards, career coaching certifications, and memberships in resume writing and career coaching associations. These resume writers will be abreast of the latest executive recruitment and executive job search trends.


#5. Technology and Social Media Expertise 

An executive resume writer who has a strong online brand has technical chops. Social media savvy will be better able to guide you in building your executive brand and job searching in this new modern world of work. The new executive job search market is heavily focused on online content creation, social media networking, and digital brand footprint expansion.

#6. Comprehensive Executive Job Search  and Resume Writing Solutions

Once you have your new branded executive resume in hand, now what? It would be best if you asked your resume writer how they can help you beyond content development.

Our executive resume writing service can help you–from resume development to online reputation management, resume distribution to executive recruiters, and negotiating your six-figure salary

#7. Professional Executive Resume Writers Stay Current About Resume Writing & Hiring Trends

The market is continually changing. What worked before in your field to drive business may no longer work. Would you agree? 

The same goes for resumes. Resumes have changed dramatically. For example, resume objectives are dated; now, it is all about a value-add summary. 

The old black and white resume with a sea of bullets is still acceptable, but depending on the market, it may not be enough to help you rise above the job-search noise.  As computers have outpaced what we believe is possible, resumes have become more visually pleasing without mitigating your opportunities. See our executive resume samples.

Professional Executive Resume Writing Services List in 2023

Please be careful when you come across websites claiming they have narrowed down the best resume writing firms for executives.

When you come across these kinds of posts, you should ask yourself: What makes those the top ten? Who chose them? What was the selection process? Is the list fact-based or opinion-based?  What criteria were utilized to narrow down these resume writing service?

Good luck finding a top executive resume writer. If you would like to speak with us and learn if we are the right resume service firm to assist you, please contact Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, our principal resume writer at 321.704.7209.

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