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Resume Branding for Managers and Rising Leaders

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Whether you’re looking for a management position that offers a more generous salary, better work-life balance, greater opportunities for advancement, or are ready for an executive position, our management resume writing service will help you define a clear value offer and develop unique marketing tools to help you achieve your next-level career goals.



Soar among hundreds of management candidates. We will help you understand, unearth, and package your distinction. You will be proud to own a resume that elevates your leadership candidacy and attracts interviews you never thought you could capture.

Please choose one of our three branding packages below and place your order (Note: Package savings embedded).

Our Top Management Resume Writing Service Will Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

We will follow up with you by e-mail within 24 hours to guide you through the next steps, which include completing our proprietary Career Branding Assessment and coordinating a Resume Branding & Strategy Session with Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, who is also a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC, credential approved by the International Coach Federation).

In the meantime, e-mail us an old resume, cover letter, or bio. E-mail to


We are a boutique-style resume writing and career coaching firm, providing premium, expert, and interview-winning career services that open doors to higher-paying and satisfying careers. We have successfully positioned leaders as ‘top-choice’ candidates for global positions at Fortune 50/100/500 corporations — and we have done so for more than 15 years.


What we design for you is a strategic branded manager resume (and online tools) that promotes your unique value through palpable differentiation—visual and content marketing. When your resume is marked with distinction, no one else can insert their name and info and pull it off! In other words, it is highly personalized. Your leadership resume will advertise a signature, theme, character, reputation, and philosophy that is yours alone.

This will make a lasting connection with hiring authorities and offer you an individualized advantage. You will preemptively address their needs and overcome the challenge you are facing in marketing yourself as the BEST candidate (i.e., diverse career track, multiple international assignments, broad expertise, career leap, consulting experience, one employer for two decades, old resume, etc.).


1. Choose your branding service. The best way to begin is by initiating the process below because we often book to capacity weeks in advance.

2. Answer our proprietary Career Assessment as best as you can, and we will quickly move to the Resume Branding & Strategy session (we will also help you by phone).  

3. Schedule your 40 to 60-minute Resume Branding and strategy session with Rosa Elizabeth, a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC credential approved by the International Coach Federation). She will guide you through a ‘why you’ discovery consultation and partner with you in defining your brand.

Wrap-up cycle. As we write, we will e-mail you to gather more intel and to share our branding ideas with you so that you are part of the branding process. You can expect to exchange e-mails with us throughout the process. Depending on our capacity, you will receive, review, and approve your new and fantastic executive resume within 3 weeks.

Important: We are a boutique-style resume writing and coaching firm. We do not outsource to inexperienced writers. You work directly with the master resume writer and career management coach. She is supported by a handpicked (and long-term) assistant writer.

If you have a target date, please e-mail us at Thank you.



We design conservative, modern, and creative management and leadership resumes. Your preference and target market will determine your resume’s style. We will discuss this during your branding session. 

Our Branded Management-Level Resume is designed exclusively for discerning executives seeking to make a differentiating impact.

We understand the nuances of modern recruitment processes and offer your resume in three versatile formats: MS Word for easy customization, PDF for a polished, ready-to-present look, and ASCII to ensure compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems. Each format is tailored to maximize your visibility and effectiveness across different platforms.

Management Resume



  • 60-Minute Resume Branding & Strategy Session (video or phone)
  • Career Assessment (personal branding questionnaire)
  • Branded Management Resume with Custom Graphics (3 formats – Word, PDF, and Key-Word Rich, ATS-Friendly version)
  • Three Rounds of Revisions (by email and phone)

Our Management Branding Packages

Option #1



Make sure recruiters find you on LinkedIn, the #1 social media platform they use to recruit top talent, by ranking high in its search results and making an immediate impression. Then, follow that engagement with a management resume that is NOT a regurgitation of your resume but a strategic dossier that deepens the conversation.

This package includes the branded resume, cover letter suite, and LinkedIn development. Our LinkedIn profile development and optimization solution will help you attract great career opportunities with a 24/7 magnetic online presence.

180° Career Acceleration Management Branding Package
All leaders not in executive positions.

$2095.00 ($200.00 package savings and bonus deliverables)

  • 60-Minute Resume Branding & Strategy Session (video or phone)
  • Career Assessment (personal branding questionnaire)
  • Branded Executive Resume with Custom Graphics (3 formats)
  • Three Rounds of Revisions (by email and phone)
  • LinkedIn Profile with SEO Optimization
  • LinkedIn Banner
  • Brand Value Letter/Cover Letter/E-Letter

Option #2



Creative Design

A biography is a critical tool in a successful job search campaign. The bio has been increasingly requested in tandem or before the resume by recruiters on behalf of top job search firms. A one-page biography is one of the most influential networking tools you can leverage to tap into the hidden job market. Many managers have networked their way into newly created positions (custom-designed roles) through the warm introduction of a leadership biography.

“Every leader has a unique story behind their climb to the top. An amalgamation of challenges, failures, and successes that when told well, not only echo the triumphs of the past — but foretell future victories.”

~ Rosa Elizabeth

270° Brand Acceleration Management Branding Package

$2595.00 ($500.00 package savings and receive bonus deliverables)

  • 60-Minute Resume Branding & Strategy Session (video or phone)
  • Career Assessment (personal branding questionnaire)
  • Branded Executive Resume with Custom Graphics (3 formats)
  • Three Rounds of Revisions (by email and phone)
  • LinkedIn Profile and SEO Optimization
  • LinkedIn Banner
  • Brand Value Letter/Cover Letter/E-Letter
  • Biographic: Modern Bio with Custom Graphics

Option #3


Reinvent yourself with our flagship personal branding solution! Identify and understand your unique value offer– then package it, promote it, and make a giant leap forward in your career.

Today’s job search is conducted globally and through several channels. This multi-layered job search market requires a strategic, holistic, and cohesive self-marketing plan that extends beyond the management resume. You must brand yourself as if you were in your company. That brand must be palpable, consistent, and influential across all of your job search tools (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, biography, e-mails, and networking materials).

Another advantage when you purchase this package is the knowledgeable guidance of a Certified Career Management Coach as you prepare to launch your winning job search campaign.

360° Career Steering Management Branding Package

All leaders not in executive positions.

$3795.00 ($1800.00 package savings)

Click here for a detailed description

  • 60 to 90-Minute Resume Branding Strategy Session (video or phone)
  • Career Assessment (personal branding questionnaire)
  • Branded Executive Resume with Custom Graphics
  • Three Rounds of Revisions
  • 30-Minute Exit Call 
  • LinkedIn Profile and SEO Optimization
  • LinkedIn Banner
  • Biographic: Modern Executive Bio
  • Brand Value Letter/Cover Letter
  • Exclusive Distribution to Private Equity and/or Venture Capital Firms
  • Distribution to corporate recruiters, headhunters, and top search firms
  • Mini bio (250 words)
  • Networking Resume or Executive Infographic (one-page version)
  • One-Hour Coaching
  • Customized Thank You Letter
  • Recruiter Letter
  • Personal Brand Blueprint
  • ATS and AI-Proof Application Alignment (3)
  • Interview Networking Pitch
  • LinkedIn Migration (optional)
  • LinkedIn Networking Letters
  • Essential Job-Search Handouts
  • 30-Minute Exit Call
  • Three-Month Personalized Support to include 3 job application alignments. See details.

Option #4


Introducing the 360+ Digital Career Branding Suite, a premium extension of our flagship 360 package, designed for those who seek to enhance their executive presence and master it across the digital realm.

This elite package includes all the foundational elements of the original 360 package (above), along with seven distinct digital enhancements to project your brand powerfully online:

  • Custom-designed Personal Brand Website
  • Dynamic Personal Brand Video
  • Exclusive Custom Graphics
  • Comprehensive Social Media Makeover
  • QR Code Business Cards (Qty: 100)
  • Targeted Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Digital Brand Management Training

With the 360+ Digital Branding Suite, we’re not just preparing you for the present but equipping you for the future. This package is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills for ongoing digital brand management, ensuring your online presence remains as vibrant and effective as your career advances.

360° Management Digital Career Branding Suite
C-suite, Senior Executives,  Board-level leaders: CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, CHRO, CDO, CTO, CAO, CSO, CISCO, Presidents, VPs, etc.

$5795.00 ($2100 package savings)



Recruiter Distribution

Maximize Your Professional Reach with Our Distribution Service
Recruiter Distribution and/or Private Equity (PE) Firms/Venture Capital (VC)

Now included in the 360° Career Steering Branding package at an exceptionally discounted rate.

Give your resume the exposure it deserves and ignite new job opportunities. Distribute your revamped resume and cover letter to an expansive network of executive recruiters in your targeted industry and region.

Our database is regularly updated and encompasses recruiters from top-tier executive job-search firms, including Spencer Stuart, Korn Ferry International, Heidrick & Struggles International, among others.

For clients who haven’t used our resume creation service, please send your resume and cover letter to prior to ordering. We want to ensure your resume is strong enough to generate desired results.

Single Distribution Service


One region is included. However, boost your reach by adding an additional region at a discounted price of $295.00. For more than one region, inquire directly at for payment link.

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Latin America (Includes Mexico and South America)
  • Asia
  • MENA
  • Europe

Dual Distribution Services (both recruiters & PE/VC firms)


One region included. Expand your professional network further by adding an additional region at a discounted price of $295.00. Inquire directly at

United States
Latin America (Includes Mexico and South America)




LinkedIn is the #1 source for online recruitment. Our LinkedIn profiles are branded and keyword-rich to ensure you are visible and make a distinguished online presence.



Case Studies/Project Chronicle


More in-depth and broader view through CAR stories (Challenge, Action, Results) of your most complex business projects. If your experience includes many complex projects, and your resume is beginning to span more than three pages, then this service is ideal for you. In addition to your 2 or 3-page resume, we will create a stand-alone document sharing important project details. 



Resume Retarget

Broaden Your Horizons with Our ‘Retarget’ Service


Expand your career opportunities with a second, customized version of your original resume. Our ‘Retarget’ service is ideal for professionals who are exploring different industries or roles and want to highlight the diversity of their skills and experiences for more than one position or industry.

We will create a revised version of your resume, tailored to a new target, to ensure that your professional story resonates with a broader audience. With the ‘Retarget’ service, you will receive a powerful document that underscores your adaptability and marketability across various sectors.



Graphical Bio 


***Bio already included in the Reputation and 360° Branding package above at a discounted rate.

Modern bio with picture and narrative, a quick snapshot of measurable achievements, and bottom-line impact illustrated in a chart/graphic.


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