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Whether you’re looking for a position that offers a more generous salary, better work-life balance, greater opportunities for advancement, or are ready for an executive position — we will help you ‘draw’ a clear picture of the value your management experience offers and open doors you didn’t know existed!



“Rosa Elizabeth…I wanted to email you and let you know I was offered the position shortly after I sent out the resume you drafted for me. When I attended my interview, I had several employees approach me and tell me they were “wowed” and “impressed” by my resume and experience as I had been the talk of the office before I even arrived. They were so impressed with the crafted writing in my resume and offered me the job on the spot after a three-hour interview.

Thanks to you – I landed my first six-figure position with an office overlooking the ocean. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting to land such an amazing position.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and hard work in creating a resume masterpiece. This job opportunity allows me to financially secure a future for my children and me. Thank you so very much, Rosa!

~ Jaime S. Marketing Manager





Soar among hundreds of management candidates. We will help you understand, unearth, and package your distinction. You will be proud to own a resume that elevates your leadership candidacy and attracts interviews you never thought you could capture.

Please choose one of our three branding packages below and place your order (Note: Package savings embedded). We will follow-up with you by e-mail within 24 hours to guide you through the next steps, which includes completing our proprietary Career Branding Assessment and coordinating a Resume Branding & Strategy Session with Rosa Elizabeth, who is also a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC, credential approved by the International Coach Federation).

In the meantime, e-mail us an old resume, cover letter, or bio. E-mail to



We are a boutique-style resume writing and career coaching firm, providing premium, expert, and interview-winning career services that open doors to higher-paying and satisfying careers. We have successfully positioned leaders as ‘top-choice’ candidates for global positions at Fortune 50/100/500 corporations — and we have done so for more than 15 years.

Rosa Elizabeth is our Chief Executive Resume Writer and Career Coach. She is an industry authority who has served on Boards in the Resume Writing and Career Coaching industries along with lending an expert voice on certification committees. She also leverages a 10+ year background in corporate America, in positions with multi-million-dollar P&L management, revenue generation, staff hiring, and training — coupled with career services expertise to brand her clients as winning candidates!


What we design for you is a strategic branded resume (and online tools) that promotes your unique value through a palpable differentiation — visual and content marketing. When your resume is marked with distinction — no one else can insert their name and info and pull it off! In other words, it is highly personalized. Your leadership resume will advertise a signature, theme, character, reputation, and philosophy that is yours alone.

This will make a lasting connection with hiring authorities and offer you an individualized advantage. You will preemptively address their needs and overcome the challenge you are facing in marketing yourself as the BEST candidate (i.e., diverse career track, multiple international assignments, broad expertise, career leap, consulting experience, one employer for two decades, old resume, etc.).

Take Charge of Your Job Search and Move FORWARD Today!

1. Choose your branding service. The best way to begin is by initiating the process below because we often book to capacity weeks in advance.

2. Answer our proprietary Career Assessment as best as you can and we will quickly move to the Resume Branding & Strategy session (we will also help you by phone).  By providing us with hard data prior to the Resume Branding & Strategy session, we can focus on value translation during the call. If you have an extensive CV or career development documents you have completed prior to hiring us, we can work with that information as long as it is up to date.

3. Schedule your 40 to 60-minute Resume Branding & Strategy session with Rosa Elizabeth who is also a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC credential approved by the International Coach Federation). She will guide you through a ‘why you’ discovery consultation and partner with you in defining your brand.

Wrap-up cycle. As we write, we will email you to gather more intel and to share our branding ideas with you so that you are part of the branding process.  You can expect to exchange emails with us throughout the process. You will receive, review, and approve your new and fantastic executive resume within 3 to 4 weeks, depending on our capacity.

Important: We are a boutique-style resume writing and coaching firm. We do not outsource to inexperienced writers. You work directly with the master resume writer and career management coach. She is supported by 2 handpicked (and long-term) assistant writers, each with more than 10 years of writing experience, top credentials, and resume writing awards.

If you have a target date, please email us at Thank you.


Branded Management Resume


Management Resume
All leaders not in executive positions.


Our Management Branding Packages

Option #1


Resume + Cover letter + LinkedIn

*Package Savings


Make sure recruiters find you on the #1 social media platform they use to recruit top talent, LinkedIn, by ranking high in its search results and making an immediate impression. Then, follow that engagement with a management resume that is NOT regurgitation of your resume — but a strategic dossier that deepens the conversation.

This package includes the branded resume, cover letter suite, and LinkedIn development. Our LinkedIn profile development and optimization solution will help you attract great career opportunities with a 24/7 magnetic online presence.

Management 180° Career Acceleration Branding Package
All leaders not in executive positions.

$1695 (a la carte value $1995)


Also included in this package: 

  • Proprietary career assessment. Critical value-add exercise for a winning job search.
  • Resume branding & strategy session. A 45-minute brand unearthing discussion.
  • Branded executive resume (3 formats). MS Word, PDF, and ASCII/E-Resume.
  • Presentation cover letter. Job-focused version and a recruiter version.
  • LinkedIn profile development & SEO optimization. Not a copy and paste. Choose from 3 different styles. (story-driven, job-focused, and company ambassador).
  • Unlimited e-mail communications. Your coach is available during the entire process.
  • References list. On-brand list of your most trusted cohorts and superiors, reinforcing your unique value offer.
  • Thank you letter. A strategic follow-up to strengthen your interview performance.
  • 9-page virtual interview handout. Our expert guidance in a comprehensive guide. Get ready to thrive through several interview rounds.
  • How to use your resume guide. You have your new resume in your hands. So, what do you do next? We got you covered!


Option #2




Resume + Cover Letter  + LinkedIn + Biography

Creative Design

A biography is a critical tool in a successful job search campaign. The bio has been increasingly requested in tandem or before the resume by recruiters on behalf of top job search firms. A one-page biography is one of the most influential networking tools you can leverage to tap into the hidden job market. In fact, many managers have networked their way into newly created positions (custom-designed roles) through the warm introduction of a leadership biography.

“Every leader has a unique story behind their climb to the top. An amalgamation of challenges, failures, and successes that when told well, not only echo the triumphs of the past — but foretell future victories.”

~ Rosa Elizabeth

Management Reputation Branding Package
 All leaders not in executive positions.

$2195 (a la carte value $2695)


Also included in this package: all items in the 180 career acceleration package above, plus…

  • Graphical bio. One page visual bio with narrative, picture, and chart. 
  • Cover letter. Presentation version, recruiter version, and e-note. 
  • LinkedIn networking letters. Contact recruiters and your network on LinkedIn. 
  • List of top executive job search firms. A roster of top recruiter companies. 
  • 14-page interview preparation guide. Get ready to ace the interview
  • Three job-search letters. Acceptance, resignation, and salary negotiation.



Option #3


Resume + Cover Letter (4) + LinkedIn + Biography + Networking Resume + Recruiter Distribution + Coaching and more 

Reinvent yourself with our flagship personal branding solution! Identify and understand your unique value offer– then package it, promote it, and make a giant leap forward in your career.

Today’s modern job search is conducted on a global scale and through several channels. This multi-layered job search market requires a strategic, holistic, and cohesive self-marketing plan that extends beyond the management resume. You must brand yourself as if you were your company and that brand must be palpable, consistent, and influential across all of your job search tools (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, biography, e-mails, and networking materials).

Another advantage when you purchase this package is the knowledgeable guidance of a Certified Career Management Coach as you prepare to launch your winning job search campaign.

Management 360° Career Steering Branding Package
All leaders not in executive positions.

$3495 (a la carte value $4995)

Click here for package components and detailed description


Included in this package, all items listed in both packages above, plus…

  • 60-90 minute resume branding session. A longer session than the original.
  • Personal branding logo. Reinforce your brand with visual impact. 
  • Personal branding chart/graphics. Visual on-brand element. 
  • Executive biography suite. One-page graphical bio and a mini version.
  • Networking resume. One-page version resume or info-graphic.
  • Four cover letters. Presentation, recruiter version, e-note, and broadcast letter.
  • Customized thank you letter. After-the-interview follow up letter.  
  • E-mail coaching. Five job search support emails after project delivery. 
  • Business card/networking card. On brand business cards.
  • Networking pitch/value proposition. Clearly articulate your value offer.
  • Distribution to recruiters/VC & PE companies (26,000 executive recruiters across 15,000 global firms). 
  • Job search coaching. One-hour of coaching with a certified career management coach.