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Award-Winning Executive Resume Packages

Re-brand yourself for a ‘game-changing’ job search campaign with our premier executive resume writing services

Our executive clients have been placed in leadership positions with Fortune 10/100/500 corporations:

Abbott Laboratories, Allergan, Amazon, Boeing, Caterpillar, Ernest & Young, Exxon, General Electric, General Motors, Google, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Yahoo, Disney…

Our Executive Resume Branding Packages

Benefit from a Career Coaching Perspective
and Expertise Wielding the Power of Words to Inspire Action 

Whatever your challenge, we can build your brand!

The new winning executive resume is an ‘active’ marketing dossier that engages, presents a unique value offer, and persuades. If your current resume is passive with a laundry list of responsibilities and not connecting the value dots—> we will TRANSFORM it!

What we offer you is NOT another boring executive resume with a sea of bullets. Your new executive resume will be a strategically branded and exciting personal ad that TRANSLATES experience into unmatched value.

We are a boutique-style resume design firm and not a resume writing mill.

Your resume is not handed over to inexperienced subcontractors. Your work directly with the expert, Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, who is a 4X Certified Resume Writer and Career Coach.

She is supported by two hand-picked writers who are multi-certified and award-winning writers—each offering top certifications,15+ years of experience, and a resounding commitment to your success. Therefore, we carefully manage capacity. Contact us if you have a deadline to meet before you order one of our executive resume packages below. 

Our Executive Resume Services/ Packages Will Help You Take Charge of Your Job Search


1. Choose a resume branding package and sign up below. The best way to secure our partnership is by initiating the process online because we often book to capacity weeks in advance.

2. Dual and flexible branding process. We pride ourselves in our dual process: 1. we email you a powerful questionnaire and 2. conduct a 60-to-90 minute resume branding session by phone, Skype or by Zoom.

No worksheet Option! If you have a current resume that is pretty comprehensive, you may skip completing the Career Assessment. To do so, email your resume to writer@careersteering.com and schedule your 60- to 90-minute Resume Branding & Strategy session with Rosa Elizabeth after you place our order below.

3. Wrap-up cycle. As we write, we will contact you to share our branding ideas. You will begin the process right away, but since we are regularly booked to capacity, you can anticipate a 4-week cycle (based on capacity). * This turnaround is from start to finish. 


Our executive resume packages are comprehensive and include an executive resume, LinkedIn profile, executive cover letter, recruiter cover letter, executive bio, and distribution to recruiters depending on the package you choose below.

If you need guidance, email us or call our executive resume writer at 321-704-7209.


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executive resume package

Branded Executive Resume (3 formats) + LinkedIn Profile + Customized LinkedIn Background + Cover Letter + Thank You Letter + Job Search Handouts  + Value Proposition 


Executive resume

Decide today to shape a high-impact executive presence that is as influential offline as it is online. Your executive resume and LinkedIn profile will harmoniously market your unique executive brand, making it possible for recruiters to find you on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the #1 social media used to recruit top talent. Rank high within LinkedIn’s search results with a 24/7 online presence. Follow up with recruiters and share an executive resume that deepens the conversation and is NOT a regurgitation of your LinkedIn profile.

180° Career Acceleration Executive Branding Package.
C-suite, Senior Executives, Chair and Board-level leaders: CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, CHRO, CDO, CTO, CAO, CSO, CISCO, Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board, Presidents, VPs, etc.

$2195 ($350 package savings and bonus deliverables)


executive resume branding package

Branded Executive Resume + LinkedIn Profile +  Customized LinkedIn Background + Value Proposition + 2 Cover Letters (job ad and recruiter version)  +  Modern Bio + Graphics 

executive bio samples

Take your job search to the next level with a suite of branded and top-notch career tools that comprehensively market you as a top-choice candidate. 

The executive bio has been increasingly requested by recruiters of top executive job search firms. In fact, many executives have leveraged the executive biography to network their way into newly created positions (custom-designed roles).

270° Brand Reputation Executive Branding Package
C-suite, Senior Executives, Chair and Board-level leaders: CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, CHRO, CDO, CTO, CAO, CSO, CISCO, Board of Directors, Chairmen of the Board, Presidents, VPs, etc.

$2695 ($800 package savings and receive bonus deliverables)


executive resume packages

executive resume services

Branded Executive Resume (3 formats) + Cover Letter (3 versions: job-focused, recruiter, e-note) + LinkedIn Development & Optimization + Customized LinkedIn Background + Executive Biography + Interview Coaching + Social Bio + Value Proposition Summary + Distribution to Recruiters or Venture Capital + Networking Resume + Personal Branding Business Cards 

Reinvent your brand with our flagship and comprehensive personal branding solution, which includes a complete suite of marketing tools. You will be 100% ready for your next career move!

360° Career Steering Executive Branding Package
C-suite, Senior Executives, Chair and Board-level leaders: CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, CHRO, CDO, CTO, CAO, CSO, CISCO, Board of Directors, Chairmen of the Board, Presidents, VPs, etc.

$3995 ($1200 package savings and bonus deliverables)


Digitize Your Brand

Add to the 360° Branding Package for only $850

Today’s modern job search is conducted on a global scale and via several channels. This multi-layered job search market requires a strategic, holistic, and cohesive self-marketing plan that extends beyond the executive resume. Your brand must be palpable, consistent, and influential across all your job search tools (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, biography, e-mails, and networking materials).

+ Personal Website

executive website

Take ownership of your online brand. Beyond what they may find out about you through your social media profiles and online activities, what will employers learn about you when they Google you? Strengthen your brand and your image as an expert. 


  • Up to 4 web pages and blog. 
  • Your own domain.com
  • Theme options.
  • Free hosting for one year. 
  • Link to all of your social media sites.
  • Downloadable resume.
  • Blog setup.



Branded Executive Resume
C-suite, Senior Executives, and Board-level leaders
: CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, CHRO, CDO, CTO, CAO, CSO, CISCO, Board of Directors, Chairmen of the Board, Presidents, VPs, etc.

*We design conservative, modern, and creative resumes. It all depends on your preference and target market. We will have a conversation around this during your branding session. 

Chief Marketing Officer Resume A
branded MS Word version + Applicant tracking system (ATS) compliant version + protected PDF + up to 2 charts included if needed to showcase financial impact. 

Senior Executive, C-Suite & Board-Level Resume: Chairpersons, Board of Directors, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, CCOs, CKOs, CSOs, CISOs, CHROs, CXOs, CROs, CDOs, CPOs, etc, Project Directors, IT Directors, Quality Directors, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, etc.

$1695 (discounted in packages above) 

  • Includes a resume branding session by phone (1 hour).
  • Resume branding and value proposition.
  • Career Assessment ( personal branding questionnaire).
  • Charts * as needed.
  • Two rounds of edits and edit phone calls.
  • Two to three-week turnaround, depending on capacity.
  • Option to upgrade to packages above.


Executive Resume Edit
* You must have an existing resume that is up to date.
* Branding, copywriting, content strategy, and graphics not included. We work off existing data. 


Maybe you already have a good resume and you just need a professional writer to spruce it up.

Perhaps you have an internal opportunity and need a quick refresh because your resume looks old and sounds choppy. 



What is included?

  • Design. We will give your resume a modern look (no charts or graphics).
  • Resume edit. We will edit your existing resume, checking for grammar, improving flow, and giving it a professional treatment which means we will edit the information to dial-up impact.
  • Best practice instructions. Before we start, we will provide you an outline of what should be included on your resume so you can reap the best results from our help.
  • One round of edits. You will receive your resume edit within 5 to 7 business days and provide corrections if any. We will not accept additional content at this point.
  • This is a virtual process only. No phone interaction and no assessment.

If you need to angle your resume toward a better job, make sense of an unusual career track, rewrite it entirely because it is not working–> you should order from the packages above or the Branded Executive Resume option.  Call 321.704.7209 if questions.

* You can email us at writer@careersteering.com 


Distribution Service
Recruiter Distribution or Venture Capital

$350 for one option or $585 for both (the United States and Canada distribution only). 

  • Included in the 360° Career Steering Branding package.
  • Existing clients please inquire about a reduced rate with the purchase of resume branding packages. 

Give your resume the traction it needs to create job opportunities. Email your new resume and cover letter to thousands of executive recruiters in your target industry and geography. Our database is regularly updated and includes recruiters of premier executive job-search firms such as Spencer Stuart, Korn Ferry International, Heidrick & Struggles International, and more.

You can also choose to distribute your resume to Private Equity/Venture Capital firms.

One Distribution Service $350

Both (2) Distribution Services $585



LinkedIn is the #1 source for online recruitment. Our LinkedIn profiles are branded and keyword-rich to ensure you are visible and make a distinguished online presence.



Cover Letters


Our cover letters are strategically written to add value. Our letters are not a regurgitation of your existing resume but an introduction that works to influence and inspire employers to act.


Case Studies/Project Chronicle


More in-depth and broader view through CAR stories (Challenge, Action, Results) of your most complex business projects. If your experience includes many complex projects, and your resume is beginning to span across more than three pages, then this service is ideal for you. In addition to your 2 or 3-page resume, we will create a stand-alone portfolio you can ‘leave-behind’ during an interview.


Graphical Bio + Mini Bio-Set


***Bio already included in the Reputation and 360° Branding package above at a discounted rate.

Modern bio with picture and narrative, a quick snapshot of measurable achievements, and bottom-line impact illustrated in a chart/graphic.



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