CIO-Chief Information Officer Resume Sample

We write conservative, modern, and creative resumes. This particular client requested a modern resume with a corporate feel. He wanted to project his holistic approach to operations, information technology within the healthcare industry.

Job Titles and Career Focus: Holistic Information and Operations Executive, CIO, COO, Healthcare IT and Operations Integrator 

Branding statement: Answering the call of technology evolution in healthcare-serving as “he missing link” where the executive must simultaneously steer operations, workforce, and technology to better achieve customer/patient satisfaction  

Unique value proposition: Intellectual and progressive executive with CIO-COO blend, reinforced by a reputation for transcending and dismantling silos – realizing seamless people, process, and operations integration 

Color: The client wanted blue. We added grey to highlight the key resume sections

Logo: The client wanted his name and main job titles. The CIO/COO titles was a cohesive fit

Emphasis: Operations, IT strategy, business process, technology systems development 

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