Chief Transformation Officer

We write conservative, modern, and creative resumes. This particular client requested a more creative presentation to project a global executive reaching new heights in an expanding Asia market. He wanted to emphasize his cultural sensitivity and visionary approach to business transformation and team development. 

Achievement statement: Strategic international change leader, spurring revenue acceleration, optimizing productivity, creating customer-centric organizations by uncovering and harnessing employee and business potential, leading the way into uncharted territories with deep knowledge of the Asian market

Color: We chose deep green and aquamarine to differentiate the client (the color of life, renewal, energy, growth, harmony, freshness, money, finances, banking, ambition)

Logo: We wanted to showcase the clients global reach with a 4-sided globe (reaching the 4 corners of the world!)

Career Milestones: 40% global market expansion, 13 million increase in cash flow, 950% product commercialization 

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