Vice President in Healthcare

Executive Resume Branding Rationale

This executive resume is more vibrant than the average resume we create for our executive clients. During the resume branding process, client and I determined that a bold color, deviating from the typical ‘black and white’ would best help attract attention over her competition.

Our high-impact design and strategic positioning of information played right into the total branding package. Design should never be arbitrary. Color choices, graphs, logos, etc. must all play a role in fortifying a valuable brand message and moving the story forward. Branding, when done correctly, is not visual gimmicks– but it deepens the marketing message and makes a lasting impression. Look to Google, Apple, and Coca-Cola for an example.

Our marketing message here is that this client is a confident, energetic, charismatic leader who enjoys creating a positive work environment for her teams while concurrently more than doubling efficiency at work. She often hears her name whispered, preceding the following statement, She always looks so happy!” 

Her leadership mantra is “We can work hard, make a significant impact, and be happy while we do it!” 

By digging deep to come up with amazing QUANTIFIABLE results, we were able to prove her leadership model with a financial chart. Why wouldn’t an employer hire a leader who inspires teams to deliver breakthrough results while she cascades happiness (job satisfaction) from C-suite to front-line employees? They do! This resume marked this client as a memorable candidate and helped her soar above other leaders.

What color are you in business? What is your unique value offer? No two resumes that leave my office are alike– each resume truly reflects the individuality of each one of my clients — more importantly, positions them as a ‘must-hire’ executive.

~ Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, Certified Master Resume Writer

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