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What No One Tells You About Executive Bios

You clicked on the link, so I guess no one told you either! Alright. Here it is:

The executive biography is just as important as the executive resume (gasp)!

Yes, and this is coming from a professional executive resume writer!

An executive biography markets your leadership profile and career progression in a more organically engaging and concise manner than the executive resume. Frequently, the present business condition doesn’t give positive criticism to laborers. At times one simply needs to see oneself through another’s eyes. It is your resume and bio’s job to assist you with that task.

The executive resume, when masterfully crafted, is a hard-hitting dossier with a series of accomplishments from the employer ‘s eye view.

The executive resume follows a chronological order and warrants that the writer embark on a dance with keywords, industry jargon, and lexicon.  However, when writing your executive biography, you have the creative latitude to tell YOUR story YOUR way with a few career-defining milestones to anchor your value-driven career journey.

You will weave into your executive biography your personal values, career brand, and vision. The expected results? You will call to action companies whose culture would perfectly align with your behavioral style, leadership philosophy, and career goals.

Key Marketing Strategies for an Irresistible Executive Biography


  • Professional Headshot. Notice how our client, Janet [ahem], has provided us with a headshot that is professional, warm, and she is in business attire that aligns with her brand color!
  • Inspiring Story. Instead of beginning her biography like a resume would  (first-person narrative, qualifications, years of experience, and competencies), Janet’s bio catches the reader’s attention immediately with a personalized introduction from a 3rd person perspective. Now we know who Janet is… and we like Janet!

So, now we care, are enthralled, and want to learn more about her. By the time we finish reading her biography, we will want Janet on our team and so we’d like to have a look her resume, please!

  • The Hero’s Journey. We made the entire bio about Janet’s story. Who she once was, defining moments in her career, and who she is today; all while steering the development of her story methodologically so we stay on-track with Janet’s brand value and attract the opportunities that best fulfill her career development needs. Remember the executive resume is not about you, but about your target audience. The executive biography is all about you, but pointing toward the Northstar (i.e., where you’d like to steer your career)!  Think of the biography as the hook and your resume as the bait!
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Milestones. Every story has to include examples, references, and specifics to earn credibility. The executive biography is no different.


Executives are leveraging the biography every day to network their way into coveted career opportunities with top Fortune 50/100/500 corporations.

A one or two-page visually appealing and content compelling biography will open doors you didn’t even know existed. Show them who the man or woman in the suit is — and impress upon them how you are a change agent, pioneer, and a corporate athlete.

Of course, you also want to have an amazing executive resume.

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