Holiday Job Search
Expert Tips On Executive Resume Branding Strategies

How and Why You Should Still Job Search This Holiday

How and Why You Should Still Job Search This Holiday There is always someone, somewhere, who is currently searching for the ideal candidate, even during the holiday season. In fact, this is an ideal time for you to job search because the competition may be sipping on eggnog, leaving that opportunity available for you to […]

Expert Tips On Executive Resume Branding Strategies

Spruce Up Your Resume in 60 Minutes or Less

How would you feel if you had a nicely polished resume that projects and elevates your level of professionalism? More confident? I bet!
Crafting a dynamic resume that is also a great selling tool takes more than 30 minutes. Yet, with the following quick and easy visual and marketing ‘style over’ tips, you Will begin to distinguish yourself from the job search mob.

Expert Tips On Executive Resume Branding Strategies

Worst Resume Mistakes: Career Experts Share Resume Bloopers and More…

You invest hours researching how to craft a dynamic resume, you slave over a few drafts, you attach your final polished draft to a well-written email and you click that button with the cute little envelope icon…Whatchamacallit? Oh. Yes. The Send button. You feel good. You’re hopeful. You can’t wait ’till you hear back because you just know your resume is impressive. Wait a minute… what’s that!? It’s…a MISTAKE on your resume! Well, maybe they won’t notice (you think?).
These guys noticed. Read the following bloopers, advice, pet-peeves, and humorous stories told by professional resume writers and career coaches. The experts share some of the worst mistakes and costly negligence they have seen on resumes (a bit beyond typos). Hopefully, they will save you from the same doom that almost befell their clients.

Executive Job Search Strategies

The Resume: From The Employer Perspective

Get this, your resume is not a job ad. You are not to list all the requirements to perform the job. (Employers already know what this entails). Your resume is a candidate promotional tool and you are to tell…what YOU did with the opportunities under the given job title—not that you DID actually fulfill the job title (that is the least expected of you).