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How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

In a few minutes, your LinkedIn profile could be enhanced significantly for better search visibility and network friendliness. By now, you probably know the basics. Correct? No? Let’s see… complete the profile entirely and make use of LinkedIn’s summary section. Try your best to populate your LinkedIn profile thoroughly by completing all the sections and […]

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Is Google Ruining Your Executive Job Search?

How To Repair Your Online Reputation A recent survey revealed nearly 50% of employers decided not to hire candidates based on unfavorable content they found online.  Are you confident that when hiring authorities Google you, everything they read will shape a favorable executive image? Senior-level candidates undergo intense evaluations, and ‘digital dirt’ can remove you […]

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10 Practices To Protect Your Executive Brand From Cyber Attacks

With rising cybersecurity threats, it is no longer just about becoming aware of IT breaches and protecting intellectual property. The rise of global security threats has expanded to the targeting of high-level executives—those with access to critical company financials and who serve as the face of the company.  This means you must deploy a personal […]

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Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Is Your Executive Presence Optimized on LinkedIn? An optimized profile on LinkedIn is a must-have for any level of job seeker, but many executives don’t understand the power of this social media platform.  A polished LinkedIn profile is a critical component in attracting new opportunities with statistics revealing more than 3 million companies have LinkedIn […]

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From The Ashes of Grows Your Domain

What the closure of a site like teaches us is that you MUST be at the helm of your digital brand’s development, navigation, and web hosting! Have you heard? will cease operations on 12/30/2011! This serves to reinforce what I have been advocating–you need to own your domain! Everyone, especially careerist with defined […]