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Are You A Superstar?

The job search competition is fierce. There is no way to deny that. All the career gurus are advising you to build your brand, tap into the hidden job market by launching a strategic job search campaign...but, have we failed to divulge you must be a superstar!?

With so many qualified professionals seeking employment, it is not enough that you are competent, smart, and experienced. Nope, it is not. Your self-marketing must pack power, make a memorable impression, and ‘wow’ your prospective employers.

What makes a superstar in the realm of job hunting and career management? A superstar is…

1. A subject Matter Expert (SME) = Know your industry’s ins and outs. Stay abreast of the latest (keep your finger on the pulse), so you offer trending knowledge and competitive skills, which cannot be easily found in someone else, and, certainly, cannot be resisted.

Many professionals become comfy in their zone and don’t seek to acquire new skills or predict what may be needed in the future in order to remain center stage.

2. Confident = No matter how strong your brand or your job search tactics, your inadequacy and insecurity will be perceived. How do you build confidence? Work on being an SME and, yes, believe in your value. Plus, be courageous and brag, promote and flaunt your talent. Moxie anyone?

So many job seekers make the mistake of not tooting their own horn (and those that easily do, often shouldn’t). Know HOW you are brilliant. Ensure you can ’emanate’ your prowess, and, ooh baby, let the world see your glow!

3. Singing the Right Tune to Right Audience =This is where the topic of personal brand needs to be clarified. Many job seekers are now focusing on personal branding, but guess what—if your personal brand is not aimed at the right audience or is not ‘beaming’ the right message, your personal brand equals — nada! Without the right message (superstardom), you are one of many who just slapped on the ‘brand’ label to a nothing-special candidacy, resulting in a brand as dim as the rest.

4. Packaged as a Star = A polished presentation online, on resume, in business cards, and professional attire does matter! Sprinkle some stardust on your candidate packaging. Twinkle with the right brand as a subject matter expert and with confidence at the right audience–then gaze at how your superstardom star-struck all potential employers. As you radiate that special and bankable shine, someone will lasso you right into your dream job.

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