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Is Google Ruining Your Executive Job Search?

How To Repair Your Online Reputation A recent survey revealed nearly 50% of employers decided not to hire candidates based on unfavorable content they found online.  Are you confident that when hiring authorities Google you, everything they read will shape a favorable executive image? Senior-level candidates undergo intense evaluations, and ‘digital dirt’ can remove you […]

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16 QUESTIONS YOUR EXECUTIVE RESUME MUST ANSWER Getting ready to write your executive resume requires some deep analytical thinking. Take your time and plan before you write your executive resume. The more you focus your executive resume, the better responses you will receive. When it has been done right, a convincing executive resume close to […]

Executive Job Search Strategies

10 Ways You Could Be Committing Career Suicide

Are YOU Committing Career Suicide? Many Professionals Are.   Halt! Please stop surfing and read this article because you could unknowingly be on your way to committing career suicide! A cautionary tale: I’ve witnessed many job seekers, including high-ranking executives, arrive at the shocking realization that they’ve progressively carved an unfavorable, seemingly intractable career path. […]

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Job Seeker, Are You Crazy? American Idol Encourages It!

Next time your job search coach/resume writer advises you go a little ‘crazy’ and, well, let’s see… trash your old, boring, safe, and mundane resume—listen to them. If they ask you to have a little trust in their expertise…you know what you must do? You get out of your comfort zone—and, yes—listen to them.