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Job Seeker, Are You Crazy? American Idol Encourages It!

I have said it many times before and I will say it, here, again…you have to be willing to stand apart from the job search mob by daring to break the norm and differentiate yourself. Try the new, the fresh—take a chance. Will someone think a resume without an Objective is just crazy? Maybe. Will your friends advise you against a personal branding statement on your resume because that is just not done? Perhaps. If you call a company and ask if they are willing to review your resume will they think you are just insane for soliciting them? They might. But these tactics work! Call them crazy if you’d like but ‘crazy’ worked her for Paul McDonald of American Idol. And a little job search ‘craziness’ will work for you too.

Back story: Paul is a contestant on American Idol who has a very unique voice. (God bless his quirky talent.) Some love his voice—others hate it (what can you do? Se la vi). His special voice helped him capture a strong start in the competition. However, his past two performances were not the type that would help him survive much longer. So, what say his advisers Jimmy Lovine and Paul carry out in order to secure a position for next week? “Sing it like you are out of your…mind,” they said to Paul. Of course, upon hearing this most people would think, are these guys serious!? They want me to make a fool of myself? But not Paul. Nope. He did exactly as the EXPERTS advised him—and—his performance was wonderful! (Don’t agree? I bet he is safe from elimination this week and we will see him next week on American Idol.)

Lesson: Next time your job search coach/resume writer advises you go a little ‘crazy’ and, well, let’s see… trash your old, boring, safe, and mundane resume—listen to them. If they ask you to have a little trust in their expertise…you know what you must do? You get out of your comfort zone—and, yes—listen to them.

Check out the ‘crazy’ performance below. Enjoy. (Sometimes ‘crazy’ is not insane but just different enough to spark an unexpected reaction.)

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