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Healthy Job Search: Keep Your Sanity

Unemployment can induce anxiety and depression! Especially with all the talk on the news about the high unemployment rate. Yet, taking some time off from job searching (and away from the nightly news) will help you sustain your sanity so you come back to your job-hunt campaign renewed and with a fresh perspective. A clear mindset and a positive attitude is as essential to your job search as your career marketing tools.

Allow me to suggest strategies to help you manage your time, mitigate anxiety, and conduct a more effective job search. If you have practices that can help others during this difficult time, please comment below. Healthy job searching everyone!

1. Schedule Your Job Search: managing the time you invest searching for employment is healthy and effective. Decide how many hours a day you will devote to job hunting. Yes, schedule it. Job searching is a job so you must schedule your day at work and plan activities around your new (temporary) job.

2. Track Your Household Expenses and Set a Budget: this may seem unnecessary to mention. It should be obvious that you must budget. However, in my experience coaching, I’ve learned many people are afraid to look at the facts and don’t track their expenses as diligently as they should while they are unemployed.  Why? Avoiding the reality of things, I guess. Yes, they cut back, put away some credit cards, but there are folks out there that think if they look at the numbers, it will be an even more depressing period. Contrary, identifying your household income, setting a detailed budget, and tracking your expenses will actually put you in control, physically and mentally.

3. Workout: I know. I have a hard time with this one myself. But, I tell you this, it truly does help release stress and derail depression since your body releases endorphins during a workout. A simple daily walk will make a huge difference.

4. Nurture Your Spirit and/or Intellect: walk outdoors and appreciate nature, read positive self-help books, participate in industry-relevant events and social networking. Have friends over. Visit friends. Volunteer! Get yourself out of the job search rut and capitalize on one of the benefits of being unemployed — plenty of freedom! It will soon be gone once you land your new job.

I recently received this PDF by email and I think you may find it enlightening. It was written by Janet White. YourLayofftheLawofAttraction

5. Network Cards: be prepared wherever you go with mini resumes (network cards). Networking cards are just like business cards, except that you would include your target job goal and a concise introduction to your qualifications. You can also include links to your online website/resume which will link to your other self marketing efforts (social media/social networking).

This is a time for all us to pull together and share job search, branding, self marketing, and stress management ideas. If you have any information to share with others, feel free to comment at the end of this post. Everyone has been unemployed at one point or another so perhaps you can share tips on how you have or are planning to keep your spirit up–and your sanity–during this challenging job climate.


Rosa E. Vargas
 Executive Resume Writing & Job Search

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