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5 Things You Must Know Before Hiring An Executive Resume Writing Service

So, You’ve Decided To Hire An Executive Resume Writing Service?

You’ve reached a point in your executive career where you need the help of an expert resume writer to shape your unique career story. You are seeking an exert executive resume writer who will take the time to LISTEN and TRANSLATE your career journey into distinguishing value. 


You are overwhelmed when you Google “Executive Resume Writer + Executive Resume Writing Services + or, “Professional Executive Resume Writer.”

How do you proceed to select an executive resume writing service that will deliver value? 

Is Hiring An Executive Resume Writing Service Right For You?

Operating a resume writing business for more than 15 years, I can share that services range and differ significantly in pricing, quality, and style—as you have seen. Therefore, before you hire a legitimate and trustworthy executive resume writing firm, I’d like you to wrap your mind around the following:

Are you ready to give up creative control once you choose the best executive resume writing service for you?

Will you be willing to trust the process?

Taking time to evaluate if you can let go of creative control is critical because your participation as a partner will impact the resume writing outcome. Otherwise, you are much better off writing your resume yourself and hiring a resume editing service. 

What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Executive Resume Writing Service 

1. In-house or Outsourcing? Many resume writing firms outsource resume development to a team of writers. I know and respect colleagues who have been able to team up with great writers. But, before you hire a firm with a group of writers, make sure you speak to the expert whose brand and samples you were initially attracted to and communicate your needs. Connecting with the head writer (founder) will help you avoid hiring a resume writing mill.

About us: Career Steering Executive Resume Writing Service has chosen to remain boutique-style.

My name is Rosa Elizabeth Vargas and I am the executive resume writer and career coach who will be working with you and developing your career marketing materials. I am supported by an assistant editor  + a project manager + customer care rep + and an admin. The outsourcing of non-writing tasks enables me to focus on coaching and writing amazing documents for my clients.

More importantly, as the executive resume writer who works directly with global clients, I am able to harness wisdom and best-practices from across sectors, geographies, and apply it to the creation of your unique marketing materials. I hear stories every day, straight from those in the corporate throes, which keeps my writing strategies sharp and relevant to what is needed in today’s job search market. 

2. Price gouging?  When comparing services, prices should be listed on the website. If you speak to a service provider who does not post prices online, be sure to ask for those prices in writing during your initial consultation.

About us: You will find and be able to refer to our site for pricing. We always honor the prices listed on our website.

3. Overbooking? Some writers say they develop resumes within hours. Some say it takes them days. Other executive resume writers share it takes them weeks.

You must connect with an executive resume writer who will take the right time to get your personal branding materials just right.

Questions that will help you find the executive resume writing service and determine if they have the time to focus on developing unique documents:

  • How long will the process take?
  • Could you walk me through the process?
  • How often would your writer contact me?
  • Will I have direct contact with my writer?
  • Is there an initial consultation before the writing process?
  • How much availability do you have during the week for those calls?
  • What happens if you are unable to meet the deadline?

About us: Career Steering’s process runs about 2 to 4 weeks, depending on capacity.

We carefully manage capacity and are often managing a small number of projects in different stages of the resume writing cycle.

We always meet deadlines because our project manager books projects considering obstacles. In other words, our turnaround is carefully planned. Please read more about our executive resume writing process here.

4. Execution Expertise? Practice makes perfect they say, and this is why I pride myself in having a hands-on approach in the development of my client’s career marketing tools. 

When you hire an executive resume writing service, ask about their strategy in the development of an individualized personal brand. What is the formula if there is one? How do they determine the application of resume branding best practices? How does it differ from one client to another? 

There are many experts online, but only the best executive resume writers have learned to actualize the concept of branding skillfully.

5. Visual impact. Don’t let them fool you. Visual marketing is a real strategy that you should not underestimate.

Global Business Executive Resume

Some ‘resume writing experts’ say that visual marketing tactics should be removed from the resume due to conflict with applicant tracking systems (ATS). However, this is not entirely true because technology has grown increasingly more sophisticated. Plus, executives don’t usually depend on applicant tracking systems; they network or email recruiters directly. Besides, design, when executed well, moves the story forward and becomes part of the writing strategy.

About us: Give us a call at 321.704.7209 or book time to speak with our writer, Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, to learn about our writing strategy and how we can assist you.

We are proud to have earned excellent reviews and look forward to assisting you.

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