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Making Your Dream Career A Reality In 2020

If you are harboring a dream of a new career or venture–don’t let anything deter you from your dreams. 

No matter what a person’s position is in life, we all have dreams that we wish to accomplish. I am a huge proponent of the idea that if you can believe it, you can achieve it.

The US Constitution states that everyone is entitled to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

“If you want something, go get it, period.” – Will Smith (Pursuit of Happiness).  “Pursuit of Happiness” is a movie about making your dreams materialize which depicts the harsh reality that happiness does not come to you if you sit back and take the victim’s path. In this captivating movie, a man with a dream worked his way out of homelessness to provide economic security for himself and his son. Faced with so many defeats, he continued to express his talents and abilities while loving and having faith in what he was doing.

Understand that happiness itself is a path. In a world where like attracts like, pessimistic vibrations only attract more of the same.  However, if you maintain optimistic expectations, it will carve a path toward happiness, fulfillment, and dreams realized. In addition, this line of thinking is an advantage to every person around you because happiness does not promote unhappiness.

How Do You Carve A Path Toward Your Dreams?

CREATE A PLAN–Dream it and plan it 

Without a plan, you are–by default–planning to fail. Whatever your dream might be, it is necessary to research what is needed to achieve your target goal:

Does it involve going to school?
Does it mean doing an internship?
Do you need certification?

You’re planning and the action you take should align with your objective. Understand that there is no secret to success. However, willingness and determination are key elements to being successful. Here is how to plan: 

  • Form a clear picture of what your “final destination.”
  • Determine the actions and phases that will take you to your desired destination.
  • What will keep you consistent in taking these actions?
  • Set a schedule to keep you on track.

BUILD A NETWORK–Opportunity favors the prepared and the connected.


When building my network, create social media accounts that support your career objective. Request connections from those in positions to take your career to the next level.

Feel comfortable introducing yourself to new professionals, you will find that simply being social will help you build a bridge to your new dream career 


We all have moments where life is testing our faith, patience and ability to endure. Just remember that you on a road to your dream career; sometimes we that doubt is a part of the process.

A very useful tool to keep you motivated and on track is journaling.
Famous Quote

“The first step is you have to say that you can. Believing in yourself is the first step to accomplishing any goal. If you think you’re going to fail, you probably will.” – Will Smith.

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