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Resources for Job Seekers for 2010

There is no denying that this year has been extremely difficult for many of us.

However, I’d like to advise you to take some time today and over the next few days to especially focus on what you do have! Often times when we are challenged financially, we realize that the true treasures in life, we already have — our families and friends.

Here are a few things you can do to motivate yourself and adopt a positive outlook before you launch your new 2020 job search campaign~

Take Inventory of What You Do Have: Write down all the wonderful things that have happened to you despite your loss of employment. Did anyone graduate from school? Did your son/daughter get married? Have you celebrated a family member’s birthday? Any new addition to your immediate or extended family? Has someone surprised you with a nice gesture?

I love doing this every year. I sit down and write all the wonderful things that have happened to me in that past year regardless of whether it has been a generally good year or not. I’ll share that this year I have met wonderful acquaintances via Twitter, moved from Florida to Colorado (although I miss Florida) because my husband found a great job after a challenging job search. My dad recovered after being hospitalized in critical condition. Just a few things on my list despite many challenges this year.

Back to you…

Make a List of Those You Can Help This New Year: Nothing turns around your “bad luck” and attitude as recognizing that others need more help than you do.  Regardless of your job loss, your life is about more than what “role” you play in your career. Career is one piece of the pie that makes up a whole. Remember this!

New Friends: Have you met new people this year? If so, how did you meet them? You will find that serendipity does often exists but is often ignored. Be thankful for and kind to your new acquaintances and friends.

2020 Job Search Tips…

Job Search Plan: Now that you feel a bit better, write down your career goals for 2010. Where do you see yourself working? (Don’t think of the methods or obstacles right now. Just write down your goals.) What type of positions can you fill? List them. Which companies would you like to work for? What cities would you work in? If you were to relocate, which states are you willing to move to?

Job Search Tools: Do you have the best resume and cover letter you possibly can have? Many are afraid of investing in a resume service. I understand. Yet, I encourage you to research and find someone within your price range and who is qualified to help you.

You have no idea how focused professionals are in helping you reach your career goals (as long as you find an ethical and committed professionals).

Begin by searching associations such as the National Resume Writers’ Association, Career Directors’ International, and Career Management Alliance. The leaders and members of those organizations are there to help you. Reach out to them. They will point you in the right direction.

If you truly cannot afford any assistance, then purchase books written by top resume writing gurus. I recommend Susan Whitcomb’s book, Resume Magic; Louise Kursmark and Wendy Enelow have written numerous top-notch books on resume writing for different industries. Now of course, reading these books and writing your own resume will not replace direct professional help but if you must do it on your own ― invest the time to do it the best you can!

Career Coaching: Employ a career coach to assist you. NO matter how fantastic your job search tool is, you must know how to use it. Ask your resume writer to help you or to recommend someone who can. We, experts, got you covered! You can also check out

Online Profiles: Develop your online presence by establishing a LinkedIn profile, Visual CV, Google Profile, and Twitter account. Join LinkedIn Groups. There are information-driven groups and support groups on LinkedIN.  See Careerrocketeer list. I’ll post more later. Right now, I recommend Spin Strategy™

Free Information: Many sites provide thorough and valuable information for job seekers. To name a few, check out The Riley Guide and JobHunt Org. Also, Paul Paris has developed a site focusing on providing free help to job seekers. Check out:

Read Blogs and Career Oriented Sites: Here are a few of my favorites:,,, Resumebear, Careerrocketeer and also look up some of the top sites at and at RiseSmart.


Ask For Support! Don’t be too proud to ask your friends and family for support. If you get really down reach out to those in your community, church, or any person close to you. We all want to help. Really! I am an optimist and believe people are inherently good!

If you know someone who needs emergency counsel, please provide them with this number (800) 273-TALK (8255).

Stay Positive and Implement an Unusual Job Search Campaign: You will find a job if you “take the road less traveled.” By that I mean, don’t only depend on job searching online or on any one method. Be creative and employ different methods. Tap the hidden job market by sourcing and approaching companies that have not yet advertised they need help.

May the New Year bring the very best for you and your loved ones!

Happy New Year!

As always, if I can be of any assistance, please:

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
Master Resume Writer

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