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Executive Job Search Strategies

Life Happens: Dealing with Gaps In Employment on Resume

you cannot hide, deny, embellish the fact that you have been out of work. Even if you were to remove dates (let’s just say), during the application screening process this will be indentified and guess what…Not only will you now be the candidate who has been out of work for a couple of years but you are the candidate that tried to camouflage it.

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Don’t Sweat The Job Search

Launching a job search campaign when you are unemployed can be worrisome. Yet, as unrealistic as this may sound when you are out of work, it really is in your best interest to launch a strategic job hunt by defining what a successful job search is to you, staying busy, and keeping a positive attitude by tracking the progress in your job search campaign– no matter how small.

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The Value of Your Tweets During a Job Search

The value of your tweets. Now that you have set up your Twitter account, what do you tweet in order to get closer to an actual job lead? There are many steps you can take to job search via Twitter but in this blog post, I will focus on your tweets because a great tweet can propel you closer to a job–a bad tweet can help you lose the job you currently have…AND QUICKLY!

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Resources for Job Seekers for 2010

There is no denying that this year has been extremely difficult for many of us. Many people have been out of work and many still looking for work. However, I’d like to advise you to take some time today and over the next few days to especially focus on what you do have! Often times when we are challenged financially, we realize that the true treasures in life we already have — our families and friends.