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Don’t Sweat The Job Search

Launching a job search campaign (resume development, online presence)  when you are unemployed can be worrisome. Yet, as unrealistic as this may sound when you are out of work–try and calm down so you become more pragmatic and are able to steer a successful job hunt.

It really is in your best interest to worry less. You can induce this more composed feeling by defining what a successful job search is to you, staying busy, and nurturing a positive attitude.

A Few Things You Can Undertake Right Now To Feel Better!

First, define what job search success means to you. Does it have to be “the” job or could it be transitional employment? Envisioning what YOUR success is, both short- and long-term will help you target it and actualize it!

Second, maintain similar routines as those during your employment. For example, get dressed every morning! Yes, I know that being in your pajamas most of the day while you are unemployed seems like a good idea (and awfully comfortable) but, really, get dressed; even if you are conducting your job search that morning from home. A psychological empowerment switch is triggered when you “lace up your shoes!”

Third, stay busy and positive by reading motivational books, networking, including fun activities in your daily life, and enjoying quality time with your loved ones.

Also, perceive your job hunt from a successful position. You can more easily recognize the glass as half full by tracking your job search progress– no matter how slow the pace. Sometimes the best way to measure advancement, especially when it comes in small increments, is to write events/improvements down and revisit them when you are feeling as if your job search is moving nowhere.

Fourth, sieve your information processing. Reduce or avoid exposure to negative reports/news. Do not mingle with others who often only focus on the negatives in life; it really is true that misery loves company. It is too costly to keep “lady misery” company.

Keep your chin up, remember to count your blessings, recall what really matters most in your vida, and don’t sweat the job search (too much).

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas

When in doubt, listen (watch) a really great and upbeat song. Here is one for the road (I won’t tell if you get up and dance a bit):

4 Replies to “Don’t Sweat The Job Search

  1. Rosa,
    I love the idea of tracking progress! It’s so TRUE! And the nuance of measuring increments of progress is an excellent idea. I find that, if I’m tackling what seems like one huge, unending project, it’s sometimes difficult to measure forward movement. So, if I write down 3-5 action steps I need to accomplish toward that goal in the next day or next several days and cross off those tasks as they are completed, I feel better – the feeling is palpable.
    As well, Rosa, I listened to your delightful video of hope, and though I arose today feeling fairly optimistic, this little bit of musical candy lifted me to a new level of happy.
    Thank you!

  2. It is hard to know what you can and cannot do, a lot depends on where you are applying and if they are more flexible, you could be with your resume. Also having online resumes and profiles can help and extend your personal brand and experience past what a normal one page piece of paper can do.

  3. Oh, yes! Counting our blessings is SO important! Being happy and grateful for what we have helps us understand how fundamentally lucky we are, and that helps to keep all the current crises in perspective. I count my blessings as I go to sleep at night. And, I’m always asleep before I run out of blessings to be grateful for. Never have insomnia that way, either.

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