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Launching A Job Search The Right Way

How to Begin a Job Search The Right Way

Happy New Year to all! Let’s start this year off right— and that means preparing for a successful job search in 2020. No more hesitating.

The new year is undoubtedly an excellent time for job seekers to pursue a new job because, by the time January rolls around, everyone is trying to recuperate from the busy holidays—and recover from a bit of family stress (wink).

I am of the opinion that many start their job search much later than the beginning of the new year, meaning there is a greater chance for your executive resume to be seen by more employers the sooner you get out there!

Let’s go over a few steps you can take, which will help you launch your job search quickly and the right way.

Audit Your Online Presence

Take some time to go online and clean up your online presence. Everyone knows (or should know by now) that anything you post onto the internet will stay up forever.

That means all of the good things— and ALL of the negative things. (Seems Google prefers the ‘bad’ activities as that is what tends to show up first).

Most employers will look your name up on Google. According to this post, 2 out of 5 employers will take the time to look you up online, and that includes social media platforms. Therefore it is a great idea to take inventory of your digital footprint and make an effort to market a strong and positive professional image online. Wouldn’t you agree?

Update Your Executive Resume and Your LinkedIn Account

Before an employer invites you to an interview, your resume, and LinkedIn profile are the first job search tools they will review.  Those are two crucial assets in your job search arsenal. When created right (branded), these tools are a reflection of your distinction.

Here is how to build an exceptional executive resume.

Here is how to build your LinkedIn profile

Take Inventory of Your Qualifications

Look for postings online or review LinkedIn profiles that belong to executives and professionals who hold the type of positions you seek. What are they looking for? Make sure that for each qualification, you not only have the competency but stories (scenarios) that would demonstrate those competencies in action. 

Look for A Job That Makes You Happy

Now that your resume and LinkedIn profile are ready to go—what’s next? Finding a job but not just any job. While you might be exploring opportunities and a bit anxious to see who bites, you must keep in mind that this time you are in a position to seek an opportunity that is more fulfilling than your last job.

When you do not have a fulfilling job, work will equate to stress. So, it would only make sense to look for a job that you would be happy assuming, right? YES! Well, believe it or not, we often tend to overlook this critical goal when plotting a job search. In our pursuit of a new career, we tend to consider salary, geographical proximity to home, and opportunity for growth. Still, we do not carve out the time to research the company and identify signs (negative or positive) about its work culture. 

According to a blog post on, the following are essential for work happiness:

  • The feeling of accomplishment. Would this job make you feel accomplished?
  •  Positive reinforcement. What is workplace culture like?
  • A sense of autonomy.  In other words, control, creativity, and ability to make decisions.

Even at the executive level, this can be thwarted if you enter a toxic workplace.

Create A Job Search Schedule

Time is of the essence! Use it wisely. Create a schedule for yourself so that you can intentionally make time and sustain your job search. Keep looking for ways to get your name and resume out there. Research job boards and other ways to contact recruiters.

Expand Your Network

It would be best to expand your network. Engage new people in your profession or even outside of your trade. Networking is a surefire way to get some intel on possible job openings.  As they say, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Worst case, you may learn more information about what is happening currently within your industry. Hey, you may also make a few friends. You never know when you may need them. 


Be Persistent

Persistence is and always will be key! If you want something, chase after it till it has nowhere else to run from you. Sometimes your goals or mission you would like to accomplish is a whole lot closer than you could ever imagine. So do not shy away from failure. It’s time for you to go and find the best job you can.

Good luck with your new job search!

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