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Hidden Marketing Strategies for a Winning Executive Resume


Hidden Marketing Strategies for a Winning Executive Resume
Hidden Marketing Strategies for a Winning Executive Resume

Take an honest look at your resume. Go ahead…I’ll wait. Now, tell me, what did you feel? Are you proud of this dossier? Did you discover that your best triumphs jump off the page and grab you? Does it highlight your best accomplishments, paying homage to your legacy? Has it outlined the steps of your journey to the top? Would you confidently rely on this resume to guide your interview with a top Fortune 50 /100/500 firm?

Writing a spellbinding and persuasive resume isn’t just about polishing it [SMH]. Your executive resume must woo your reader and make them IMAGINE, FEEL, and ACT! Yes, yes, yes! FEEL something. Feel curious enough to continue reading…compelled to call you, engrossed in learning more about you. Their gut feeling should tell them that you might just be the best!

So how do you create propulsion toward YOU and get YOU into that executive chair?

Promise. What is your brand promise? What is your guarantee? What do you clearly state you will deliver?


Stay the course. How many resumes begin strongly and then dwindle by the time you reach the second half of the first page? Why? Because the momentum has fizzled; the message has changed and it has become convoluted and yes…boring! Be consistent in your marketing message. You brand promise can’t be skewed or compromised for the sake of “resume speak” or keywords.

Make them taste it! We can all tap into our imagination, sometimes all it takes is a little guidance. Paint a picture by introducing examples and comparisons. Be specific with quantifiable data, metrics, etc. This will shape an image of what it was really like for you and how you overcame hurdles, capturing better footing for the corporations you lead.  When? What were the circumstances? Where is the proof?

Tell your story. Writing that you drove a $3M increase in revenue growth is very impressive. What would be unequivocally more impressive would be to divulge that before you came on board they had already tried to turn a profit with three different leaders at the helm and they failed miserably. Then you came in wearing your superhero cape (wink) and not only did you turn a profit within, let’s say, 6 months BUT you delivered another $3M, surpassing their target. Wow! Now that’s something.

If you are not in a revenue impacting position, the strategy is still the same. What were you hired to solve and how did you deliver it and under what circumstances? (Capiche?)

Solve a problem. The above is fantastic, but if you haven’t addressed your reader’s pain points, you won’t see the traction you wish to see. While you might have poignantly told your story, WHAT IS IN IT for your new employer? Why should they care? Identify a problem you resolved that is similar to one that you forecast your new employer is facing and then solve it… again… this time in writing.

Offer an insight. Perhaps your target employer isn’t aware that doom is lurking. As a thought leader and subject matter expert, you are! Offer them a glimpse into the future and your leadership as the best strategic defense against rising global challenges.

A winning executive resume is about influencing…persuading…convincing…compelling…and calling to action! Tap into the emotions and imagination of your reader (future employer, recruiter, or hiring authority) and that coveted interview is YOURS!


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