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Missing: The Humane In Today’s Job Search

As a career professional or resume writer – have you ever become so frustrated with a client that all you wanted was to ‘get rid’ of them?

Let’s Backpedal For a Moment

What inspired this post is the following article which was shared by one of my colleagues, Gayle Howard on Facebook. Please read here. To sum up the situation: a recruiter “replied all” which sent a scathing rejection email to about 4000 people. There are so many things wrong with that action that we could critique on a multitude of fronts, but the questions that were most strongly gnawing at me were the following:

1. What spirit-deflating impact did this have on the job seeker?

2. What kind of day, week, month did this recruiter have to make him react that way?

3. Have we all become so use to unemployment that we are insensitive?

Are We Immune to the Plight of the Unemployed?

I ask you, with the job market so saturated, have we developed so thick a skin that we are impervious to the deep concern some job seekers exude? There is no denying that technology has made the job search and candidate sorting process impersonal. Let’s add on top of a technology-driven process a layer of ‘recession’ and we have to question if we have lost touch with our humane side.

Let’s Reconnect with Our Inner Evangelist

We all have personal lives, interest, and loved ones. (I certainly hope so.) We all have dreams and aspire to reach certain goals. At one point or another we have all been employed or unemployed; in a position to help another person or to turn the other cheek.

As a child you were asked “what do you want to be when you grow up.” Do you remember that? I bet your eyes lit up and you wore a big smile; you felt a sense of wonder and possibility. Didn’t you? I know this because at the core we all share similarities. Job searching is no different. We assume job roles/careers, seeking fulfillment at work and in our personal lives. So, let’s take a moment to bring things into perspective and be of benevolent heart. These are trying times still for job seekers and if we are to weather this storm together, we need to bridge the gap between job seeker, career professionals, hiring authorities, and employers for the greater good of all. (Please allow us an altruistic moment.)

“Compassion is an alternate perception” M.C. Richards

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3 Replies to “Missing: The Humane In Today’s Job Search

  1. Tthanks for your words. My husband is between jobs, he is an attorney, and he has been told that he must “have a job to get a job”, and “companies don’t like you when they know you are not currently employed”. You can only imagine what that make him feel like. He is a person to, a good one I might add. He has a wife, a kid, a mom and yes, even a dog. He is just like your brother, father, or husband. Not every job is the right fit for every seeker, but compassion and dignitity fits all. Let’s hope many recruiters read your blog entry and take it to heart, not just at the holidays, but all year round. Best wishes for a happy new year.

    1. Thanks for your comment Susan. I am sorry to hear about your husband.

      I appreciate you sharing your personal situation here. Happy Holidays to you and may the new year bring him a new job, too!

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