CFO Executive Resume
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The NEW CFO Executive Resume

The NEW CFO Executive Resume

As the role of the CFO transforms into that of a value creator, your resume, too, must answer the call for senior executives who are financial wizards and business sages.

A refocus on profitable growth demands that your marketing materials promote your candidacy beyond numbers crunching.

Are you ready to boldly market your ability to strategize at the apex of finance, business, operations, and perhaps even technology direction?

The new CFO is a business partner

How have you been pivotal to market, brand, or revenue growth? Most CFO-targeted executive resumes provide great quantitative results, but what they often sidestep is the backstory.

In other words, how have these results changed the company and what was the problem prior?

The new CFO is a mentor and critical leader to organizational culture

To take your executive resume from ‘report like’ to a more personal marketing piece, share how you have played a role in changing the way people perform and contribute to a new culture.

Brand value

What differentiates you from other CFOs? I am not referring to personal traits, but when you consider your CFO DNA, what is your brand identity?

Is it specializing in a particular market?

Are you a technology champion, dabbling in robotics or artificial intelligence to enhance real-time decision making?

Are you a multinational operational CFO and established new best-in-class processes across the globe?

Is it something else?

How will hiring you to align financial departments with the business goals of an organization and convert financial ‘control’ centers into business growth drivers?

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Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
Certified Career Management Coach
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