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What if I asked you to step outside of yourself for a moment and imagine coaching YOU!

What lords of wisdom would you have to impart, if you were interviewing or coaching someone with your career history and qualifications? The answer may surprise you

A great deal of working individuals and job searchers stress over resembling “job hoppers” They compel themselves to stick it out at employments they absolutely cannot stand, simply because of the fact that they’re anxious or frightened about the possibility that that businesses and employers may turn them down in the event that they have too many momentary occupations on their resumes. Frequently, the present business condition doesn’t give positive criticism to laborers. At times one simply needs to see oneself through another’s eyes.

The following sure surprised and delighted me when I heard it come from the other side of the phone–and, I could ‘feel’ my client’s goosebumps once she realized the power of what she said.

Me: “Despite all the challenges you have had around switching employments, if you were interviewing someone with your experience for a position, what value could you see yourself harnessing from that person in front of you?”

Client: [Long pause, followed by a low exhale.] “I would say, you have a lot to offer because of your wide-ranging experience. The breadth of your exposure is unusual, but it will serve us well. Your skillset is diverse, and it appears to me you can handle anything that is thrown at you. You are not the type of person that always does it the same way. In each of your positions you surpassed what was asked of you. You will bring new ways of thinking that deliver results.”



Sure, an argument could be made in the opposite direction. Your job, however, in steering and managing your career is to ‘toot your own horn’ and look at things from the more positive angle. You will have enough naysayers and critics to contend with during your job search process. Therefore, you must be on YOUR side and become YOUR most ardent advocate.


Ok. Now Your Turn:


What gap have you identified in reaching your new career goals?



What unfavorable career move do you wish you could erase?



How could you look at this issue from a more favorable perspective?



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