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Love and Work Together? True?


Do you agree with the following statement? “You have the right to love what you do and do what you love.”

Are you feeling just a little bit guilty about believing this or wanting to buy-in? If you are, you are not alone. But…are we correct in feeling a bit guilty or are we  just settling for less?

It seems almost self-indulgent to want to love what you do when so many are out of work. Doesn’t it? But if I have learned anything about this world it is that we live with this ‘dichotomy’ of life. Why then shouldn’t we strive for excellence when we are fortunate enough to be in that position?

Loving what you do is career excellence! Is it not? I read this great article via Forbes.com and while I loved the article and found myself infused with inspiration, I wondered how many buy-ins I could garner. Here is a snippet from that article by Kathy Caprino:

“Why should you take these steps? Because you have the right to love what you do and do what you love. People like to claim that loving your work is a pipedream – but those who defend that view are wrong. Enjoying your career and feeling there’s deep meaning and purpose in it is not just for a select, fortunate few. It’s for anyone who believes in him/herself and takes the right kind of action”

What say you careerist? Is your job search driven by your passion or your wallet? My opinion? Give me the ‘pipedream’! It keeps me alive and smiling! But I also have a practical side. I coach my clients to never give up on their dream job but if they find themselves in a financial crisis, take a temporary pause. You can still choose a career path that will align with your future goal. I do however, recommend that if you will be moving your dream job to the back burner, that you strategically choose it’s replacement! Don’t go join the circus unless you can leverage those skills in your new job, and credibly promote them. And DO NOT accept a job you hate. Mental health is as important as financial health!

Check out the post by Kathy Caprino over at Forbes. It is an excellent article with actionable steps to reconnect with your ‘old love.’


Rosa Elizabeth Vargas

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