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Jump Start Your Executive Job Search Now!

Kickstarting Your Job Search Journey

Beginning your job search journey can indeed seem like an overwhelming task. But fear not; there are practical steps and resources at your fingertips that can make this process smoother and more productive.

Are you feeling a bit skeptical? Let’s dive in

1. Crafting the Perfect Resume: Think of your resume as your marketing tool. To stand out from the rest, you need an impeccable, distinct executive resume. While plenty of online resources can guide you in drafting one, consider hiring a professional if you’re unsure about crafting one that tops the competition. Recommended: Career Collective Experts and Master Resume Writers.

2. Career Coaching: Equip yourself with a mentor or career coach. They can guide you in maximizing the potential of your job-seeking tools. If you’re uncertain, ask your resume writer for guidance or recommendations.

3. Digital Job Platforms: While a comprehensive job search strategy goes beyond online platforms, websites like Indeed.com, SimplyHired.com, Monster.com, and CareerBuilder.com remain indispensable.

4. Establishing Your Online Brand: It’s crucial to make your mark online. Remember, employers often run online background checks. Start building your online profile with platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Visualcv.com, and Beyond.com.

5. Twitter Insights: Once you have a Twitter account, ensure you’re tuned into credible advice. Begin by following recognized Career Experts.

6. LinkedIn Networking: There’s a treasure trove of information and support groups on LinkedIn. Some top picks include Careerrocketeer and the Spin Strategy™ group.

7. Must-Read Blogs & Career Sites: Stay updated and informed. Consider bookmarking sites like Careercollective.net, Jobmob.com, Careerealism.com, Resumebear, Careerrocketeer. For a broader range, explore top listings on Alltop.com and RiseSmart.

8. Network Cards: Always be prepared. Having network cards on hand means you can tap into potential opportunities anytime.

9. Dive Deeper with These Resources: These platforms offer extensive career development insights, guidelines, and valuable links:

WorkForce One
Recruiters & Headhunters

10. Know Your Worth: Prior to any job interview, familiarize yourself with the current salary benchmarks for your role. Websites like Salary.com, Payscale.com, Salaryexpert.com, and Salarynegotiations.com can assist.

Remember, it’s okay to lean on others. Whether seeking advice from friends, family, community groups, or churches, everyone benefits from a support system during this time. And if someone you know is struggling emotionally or mentally during their job search, please direct them to helplines like (800) 273-TALK (8255).

Wishing you the best in your job search journey,

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
Quadruple Certified Resume Writer
Career Steering Executive Resume Writing Services

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  1. Wow, Rosa, I must bookmark your excellent resource repository. Thanks for pulling together such a strong list of links; as well, I am impressed how you organized the links beneath functional subheadings from Resume Writing resources to Online Job Search Sites to a Twitter Starter Kit, etc. Nice.
    As importantly, I love the energizing and encouraging lead-in to your post: “Right now, at this very moment, you can begin to take action and fire up your job search.”
    Yes, yes, to “getting fired up!”
    Kudos to displaying your high-energy and quality-focused value proposition in this engaging post!

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