Expert Tips On Executive Resume Branding Strategies

Mining For Your Executive Brand

iStock_000005691481SmallWhat has cemented the doom of many job seekers, including executives, is their inability to wrap their minds around the idea of marketing themselves with a unique identity as if they were a product.

As a ‘product,’ you must clearly articulate your executive brand, unique value proposition (UVP), and promise a return on investment (ROI).

Yet, instead, most executives mount a precarious job search campaign with the intention of simply providing their qualifications and hoping their corporate job titles plus Fortune 100 and 500 employers’ reputation would suffice to net that coveted job interview.

[pullquote]To quote from a  LinkedIn message I received… “job searching is very much like marketing. You need to do a complete SWOT to know where you are.” Absolutely! You got it, partner![/pullquote]

Know This: Especially at the executive level it is a given that you must be qualified for the six-figure jobs you are pursuing. Don’t you think? But, why are you the best choice out of all the executives vying for the same career opportunity? How have you straddled between executive roles in our changing world and what does that mean for your future employer? What makes you so irresistible that employers should be vying to lasso you into their office for a face-to-face?

Your Ace In The Hole: You must seduce your new employer through strategic brand positioning, rigorous (but tactful) self-marketing —ABOVE that of your toughest competitor.

How to Mine and Discover Your Executive Distinction

Reach for your picks and shovels and dig for your leadership distinction by performing the following exercise.

a. In alignment with what is needed by the companies I am targeting, I need to promote the following three personal profile qualities _______, _______, and ______ in my marketing message.

b. To perfectly match what is needed from the ideal candidate, I need to convey my unique talent in being able to achieve _______________________________________ consistently throughout my career. This is evidenced by the following examples from my career: (choose at least 3).

c. This skill (“b” above) is unique of someone with my qualifications and experiences (and at my senior leadership level) in that I, unlike most executives, will go about it this way ________________________________________________.

d. To convince employers my distinction positions me to solve their problem(s) and deliver benefits for XYZ Company, I must promise them the following ______________________ as an end result.

Now Package Your C-Level Message!

You will, I am sure, continue to sharpen and deepen your executive self-marketing message. For now, this is a great starting point. Opening doors to new adventures will be easier with “some guts and a horse marketing plan.”

As they say… “Go West young, man. Go West”

What exercise are you undertaking to peel back the layers of your personal brand? Comment below.

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas is a Master Resume Writer who is quadruple certified. She helps careerist with marketing tools such as executive resumes, bios, social profiles, brand development, blog and website development, job search coaching and interview coaching.

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