Rosa Vargas_certified _resume_writer_4Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, the creative principal writer and founder of Career Steering, has earned new accolades to augment her already impressive list of accomplishments in the career and resume writing industry.

She is one of a small, elite group of Certified Master Resume Writers and also holds three other leading resume writing credentials.

Today, we congratulate her because her masterful brushstrokes have led to this most recent triumph: 2 TORI (Toast of the Resume Writing Industry) Awards and 3 nominations in 2015, following a record-breaking 7 TORI nominations and 4 wins in 2014.  In all, 17 honors (nominations and wins) for Rosa since 2013!

She proudly celebrates along with a select group of award-winning and nominated colleagues. Rosa looks forward to more success in 2016 that will continue to deepen her expertise and enhance the value she offers careerists.

The Toast of the Resume Writing Industry (TORI) is an annual global professional resume writing competition held by Career Directors International that creates a lot of buzz in the industry and attracts the best of the best! More than 300 professionals from across the globe enter every year. The judging panel is a coalition of leaders, experts, and authorities in the resume writing, career coaching, and recruiting industry.

Congratulations Rosa Elizabeth Vargas!

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“Marketing is the art of meaningful differentiation.”

John Lederer

EXECUTIVE RESUME A career-altering executive resume is not engineered by just narrating your employment history—but by way of persuasive storytelling and strategic road-mapping!

I realize you’ve probably heard this before and I bet you wondered how you can convert your executive resume into a six-figure, job-interview magnet. Well, there are several strategies but we don’t have time for a workshop right now;  therefore, allow me to help you mount a resume turnaround by first attempting to pivot your thinking. (That’s where it always begins!)

Answer the following questions and carefully weave those answers into your resume. Then reap the benefits of shifting from a passive and boring MS Word doc into a high-impact, influential marketing dossier that even you will enjoy reading over and over again!



DESTINY: Where is this resume taking you?

PURPOSE: Why do you want to go there?

TARGET: Who needs your services and why?

VALUE OFFER: What services do you offer and what problem(s) does it solve?

RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI): What is in it for them? Let me try again… What is your bottom-line promise?

BRAND: What is unique about how you approach your job?

DISTINCTION: Why are you good at it and how is it unmatched?

PROVE IT: How do you know you are really that good?

REINFORCE IT: How do you measure/quantify how good you really are?

Answering the preceding questions isn’t and shouldn’t be easy.  An active executive resume connects the dots for your future employer or customers. Establish yourself as a ‘wanted’ leader by not taking a laid-back approach in the writing of your career tale, because that only results in a very lifeless document. To influence and enhance the quality of interview invitations you attract, you must strategically and progressively draw in your audience by unraveling your meaningful ROI-driven story and enlightening them as to why they need YOU!


Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
Certified Master Resume Writer
Award-Winning Resume Writing Services

If you are ready to job search with a FANTASTIC executive resume, you have to strategize beyond functions, skills, and accomplishments. Yes, beyond achievements, because at the executive level EVERY candidate is competent and successful.

As a leader, you are not hired as a ‘cog in the wheel’ but to re-invent, fix, or upgrade the machine! Wouldn’t you agree? Therefore, you must decide to become the hero and paint that picture on your executive resume — make your mark!

Are you a miracle worker? An innovator? A change agent? A turnaround artist? An all-star coach?




1. Tagline: What do you promise your future employer? Make them care!

2. Personal brand statement: No, it is not the same as a tagline. A tagline is your hook — a branding statement is a mini-preview of what is to unfold in your unmatched, superhero tale.

Ingredients for an ROI-driven brand:

Passion + Specialty + Legacy + Your distinct signature (why you and not someone else?) + Value Offer = SUPER BRAND!

Let’s take CocaCola for example:

They don’t say, “We are a beverage that has been serving the global market for decades.”

They say…

To Refresh The World

To Inspire Moments of Optimism and Happiness

To Create Value and Make a Difference

(You can read the rest here)

3. Brand-aligned, high-impact examples: Again, you want to reach beyond accomplishments. So, which of the many amazing milestones in your career were actually game changing? Against what kind of opposition/challenges/backdrop? Set the stage — contrast is good!

How did you…

pave the way

set a foundation

drive culture change

delivered hyper growth

changed corporate identity

yielded brand liquidity

saved the company

4. What’s your overarching story?

career overview that shows a progressive story

experience that reinforces your promise and brand

clearly defined results tied to long-term goals and immediate gains


5. Now prioritize and position, because it is true what they say about real estate!

“You have to think of your brand as a kind of myth. A myth is a compelling story that is archetypal if you know the teachings of Carl Jung. It has to have emotional content and all the themes of a great story: mystery, magic, adventure, intrigue, conflicts, contradiction, paradox.” ~Deepak Chopra


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10 Tricky Leadership Interview Questions

On September 28, 2015, in Executive Job Search Strategies, Interviews, by Rosa Elizabeth, CMRW

Ace the leadership interview with these top interview questions!


Keep your answers concise and relevant to the needs of your employer. Every single question they will ask you will be with the purpose of measuring you against all the other candidates that are vying for this same career opportunity. Good Luck!

1. Why are you interested in this position? (Translation: What do you know about our company?)

2. Walk me through your resume and tell me what in your resume aligns with what we need from you in this position. (Translation: How does your experience serve us?)

3. Give me a specific example that will support your leadership skills in the face of XYZ challenges. (Translation: Produce evidence that you are ready for this position.)

4. What skills and experience do you bring to (desired title) and how will that benefit us? (Translation: We have other candidates in mind — how would you be a better choice?)

5. Tell me about your biggest success in being able to identify and develop opportunities to accelerate increased revenues and improve profitability within _______ environment. (Translation: Can you handle this job?)

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