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Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Is Your Executive Presence Optimized on LinkedIn? An optimized profile on LinkedIn is a must-have for any level of job seeker, but many executives don’t understand the power of this social media platform.  A polished LinkedIn profile is a critical component in attracting new opportunities with statistics revealing more than 3 million companies have LinkedIn […]

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Breakthrough Tips for a Sexier LinkedIn Profile

Merely setting up a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough. Are you making the most out of your LinkedIn presence?  Side note: Please read our first post in this series, “Breakthrough Tips for a Sexy LinkedIn Profile.” We shared secrets that will spruce up your LinkedIn Headshot and Headline. Below you will find additional tips that will […]

Social Media & Online Identity

Add LinkedIn Power to Your Job Search Arsenal

You set up your LinkedIn and now you are waiting for someone to contact you, tell you how wonderful they think you are, and that you’re perfect for a job lead they have! (Yeah. Right.) If only it were that simple. LinkedIn is one social media tool to network online and create more opportunities. There is much more to successfully gaining a job lead online than “setting up tent” but, for now, let’s explore how you can improve your LinkedIn today!