Executive Resume Writing Services
Executive Resume Writing Service

Executive Resume Writing Services

Perhaps you Googled “Executive Resume Writing Tips” and found that there are professional executive resume writers who can help you with the development of your new career marketing tools.

If you have never hired a professional resume writing service before, I bet you were pretty surprised to discover that there are experts out there providing the type of resume writing services you need. But, are you ready to hire a professional? Couldn’t you go at it alone? 

Maybe, but would you reap the same results? There is value in partnering with a professional executive resume writing service and the results will deliver in equal measure. 

Why Hire Professional Executive Resume Writing Services 

First, let’s determine what professional resume writing firms offer. To remain relevant in this new job search climate, you need an array of top-tier job search tools. The best executive resume writing services will offer you the following job-search solutions and more: 

1. Branded executive resume: An executive resume/CV with a distinction, unique signature, and a clear value proposition. What is a branded resume and how does it differ from the classic executive resume? 

Chief Supply Chain Officer

When a resume is branded, it is marketing more than qualifications. When you brand your executive resume, you are developing a marketing pitch that offers a value-add/trademark/signature, which will elevate your candidacy above the norm.

Let’s face it, everyone at your level is qualified. Why you? This is how branding helps –> it will market a distinguishing ROI for your future employer. 

2. LinkedIn profile: Setting up your LinkedIn profile ins’t enough. It would be best if you had a strong presence online that is SEO optimized (helping your profile gain traction online). Your LinkedIn profile should be network friendly and elude to executive recruiters that your resume is not posted online, creating a reason for further contact.


3. Cover letter: Yes, I hear you. You think cover letters are pointless. Actually, they are not. With the job search landscape truly becoming 100% virtual nowadays, submitting a cover letter via online application systems will augment your keyword matching opportunities (this is a technical power play).  However, when a human reads your cover letter, you need to create a persuasive document that engages and ignites curiosity. 

Here are some ideas of what you should be covering in a cover letter: 

What is keeping your future employer/boss/stakeholders up at night?

What is coming down the pike in your industry?

Have you already thought of a way you can help that company? 

You see, it is another strategic opportunity to position yourself as a solution. 

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4. Executive biography: Executive bios are truly instrumental in today’s world. With teams working virtually, employers seek leaders who can create cultures, build relationships, engage, become champions, and think of the employee experience.

The intangible leadership traits needed in today’s virtual workplace are better promoted on a bio than you would on your executive resume. Your executive resume must be more hard-hitting with a focus on your accomplishments vs. your leadership traits. A bio is also a great way to make a ‘soft’ introduction, which means it is the networking tool of choice. 

Executive biography

5. Distribution services to executive recruiters. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get your new executive resume into the hands of thousands of recruiters. There is no way that you will gain access to 2000+ executive recruiters of top corporations, quickly. It will take you a pretty long time.

Most professional resume writing firms who cater to executives provide a full suite of services and aim to assist you in conducting a successful job search– from defining your executive brand to getting your resume into the hands of professionals who work for top recruiting firms + Fortune 10/500 corporations + venture capital firms. 

Additional services professional executive resume writing firms will offer you may include: personal website development, job search coaching, thank you letter development, and additional content creation. 

Why Should You Hire A Professional Executive Resume Writing Service

Now that you have an idea of the type of services you can expect from professional resume writing companies — why hire an executive resume writer?

First, it will save you time. It is truly time-consuming to develop a comprehensive suite of top-notch career marketing materials…

Second, you want to get it right. Professional executive resume writers are trained professionals, many multi-certified, with years of experience working with global C-suite executives (CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, CMOs, COOs, etc.)

Working with a writing partner with a high level of expertise will ensure you develop executive job search tools that are truly unique, persuasive, and promote your unique value story; this will result in high-paying executive interviews. 

Most executive resumes prepared by job seekers only cover the basics of a job well done. Once you partner with a top executive resume writer, it is an entirely new strategy. It is about discovering what your legacy has been, what makes you good at what you do, what makes you a better choice, and then building a personal brand and executive resume package (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, and bio) that promotes a distinguished and unmatched leadership profile.

Good luck!

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