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Halloween Caution: Job Seeker Horror

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Yes, it is Halloween and although it is much fun to dress up in spooky costumes —It is no time to become creepy and scare your job opportunities away! So, consider yourself cautioned and do everything you can to not transform into one of these frightful of job seekers….Muahahahahaha!



Trick: Sucking the life out of your contacts (networking leads, hiring managers, recruiters) with excessive follow up (stalking) is a huge NO! While you may perceive this as persistence, your “prey” will not.  You will become a nightmare and will find yourself in the darkness of endless job search for a long time…

Treat: Follow up with an unthreatening Thank You Letter to recruiters and hiring managers; stay connected with your network by being present in a conversation or by offering assistance.



Trick: A two-way and intellectual conversation is imperative during the job interview. Don’t just show up, nod in agreement, answer briefly, and fail to offer intelligent insights, or to display enthusiasm over the company’s needs and direction. Do this and a “coffin” will be your permanent cubicle.

Treat: Research the corporation before you get there. Learn something about them and ask questions, positioning yourself to impress with great and other-candidate-distancing answers.



Trick: Don’t preserve your old self! Some job seekers are stuck in their old patterns of job searching and technology skills; they think their MS-Dos skills are still attractive. No way!

Treat: Perusing job ads, reading qualifications, matching requirements, and taking steps to ensure your computer skills, leadership, and overall competencies are up to date is crucial. Learn social media branding; your online image matters. Unwrap those linens and circle to 2010, would you?

Now , Go Have Some FUN with your Job Search. Here is another treat for you this HALLOWEEN!


Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
Master Resume Writer

6 Replies to “Halloween Caution: Job Seeker Horror

  1. What a terrific and creative post Rosa! I love this trick or treat approach! No wonder you’re known as such a creative writer. You really think outside the box!

  2. I think one more important one would be a ghost.
    Trick: Just because you had an amazing interview doesn’t mean that you’ll be in their mind. Don’t just sit around hanging out in shadows or barely being seen.
    Treat: Send your follow up thank you note thanking them for the interview and appear in front of them reminding them why you are the perfect candidate and what you talked about. You cannot always wait for them to summon you so you can appear. Send them messages so they remember you and you stick around even though they may not see you in front of their face.

  3. This is amazing list like the previous one..
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