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How to Steer Your Executive Career During A Global Pandemic

How to Manage Your Executive Career and Job Search During A Global Pandemic

If you are wondering what is next for your career, your family, and the global economy amidst this Coronavirus pandemic–I probably don’t have to tell you that you are not alone.

My email has been flooded by new and existing executives feeling as you do right now. We are in trying times, but we will survive this and thrive.

What can you do right now to prepare to weather this storm? I bet you are concerned and have many questions.

Should you revamp your executive resume?

Is an executive resume even needed during this time?

Are there any jobs available?

Is a job search a wise move right now?

The truth? It is always a good idea to be ready, especially during these unprecedented times. Would I advise you to leave a great job right now? No. But what if your employer terminates your role? Which unfortunately, it is very likely to happen. What if your spouse is transferred and you need to relocate? What if there is an amazing internal opportunity that is ideal for you? What if they slash your pay?

All companies are making adjustments right now. See this graphic below (originally posted on justcapital.com).

What I can tell you for sure is that many of those who are calling me are unprepared. The resume has not been updated in years, their LinkedIn profile is barely completed, and they have no idea what they would do next.

Allow me to share how my current clients are preparing, which I hope helps you as well.

#1. Update Your Executive Resume ASAP for Internal Opportunities.

I’ve had several calls from returning and new clients who are under pressure to produce an updated executive resume for an internal position.

In the face of this unforeseen global event, all companies have had to shift immediately. The corporate environment has been turned upside down, but it isn’t all bad news. There are many opportunities created for internal candidates, and these roles are often announced and fulfilled quickly. Therefore, be ready with an updated executive resume.

Waiting until the last minute to update your resume is not a good idea. Even though these roles are internal, you will still be competing for them. Therefore, you must market yourself strategically and vigorously for those opportunities. 

Many of these roles that are being created by employers are positions that did not exist before this crisis. How can you show them that you are right for that type of pioneering position during a high-pressure period? Can you set the benchmark?

#2.  Manage Your Brand From Home

I know you’ve been too busy to learn all the LinkedIn ins and outs; to manage your digital footprint and create your online persona. But, now, you must.

Many are working from home currently, and if you are no longer in the office, your brand is truly what is seen online.

Does your online image market what you’d like others to see? 

Setting up your LinkedIn profile isn’t enough. You must build and cultivate a robust personal brand and power up your presence along with amplifying it via the right online activity. 

Hire a pro to help you develop your value proposition and coach you so that you leverage the full power of LinkedIn to your advantage and manage your digital brand.

#3. Launch Your Side Gig

You’ve been thinking about it. I know you have. What better time than now to launch that website and that side business you have been considering?

According to an article on nasdaq.com, it is a great idea to launch that side hustle now. 

The stock market is in shambles. COVID-19 fears are shaking the economy. It might be time to find your hustle. 

If it seems like every other person you know has a side hustle, you’re probably right. In a recent survey of over 1,000 people, nearly 500 reported having a side gig.

Ready? Great!

However, from one entrepreneur to another, you must launch your new business on the right foot. I know that the pressure you feel may drive you to launch your new website hastily, but developing a website that looks great isn’t enough. There is more to reaching customers than having a nice looking site. Many entrepreneurs make this mistake when they first launch their business. But there are several things you must take into consideration before launching your site, including SEO (search engine optimization).

In order for customers to find you online, you must have an SEO optimized website. This is especially true now that most of us are home and cannot leave our homes right now and so e-commerce is our business world. 

Bottom line: Take action and be prepared. Luck favors the prepared. Whether you need to dust off your resume, your LinkedIn profile, or launch a new website, you should plan accordingly and take the next step. 

If questions,email me at rosamrw@gmail.com

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