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Breakthrough Tips for a Sexier LinkedIn Profile

Merely setting up a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough. Are you making the most out of your LinkedIn presence? 

Side note: Please read our first post in this series, “Breakthrough Tips for a Sexy LinkedIn Profile.” We shared secrets that will spruce up your LinkedIn Headshot and Headline.

Below you will find additional tips that will convert your LinkedIn profile into a connection magnet.


What is that old adage? A picture is worth a thousand words!

That’s right.

This is especially true now that job searching and networking is conducted almost exclusively through digital communication tools.

You don’t have to be a bombshell, but you must be aware that online images have an equal, if not greater, impact than words. Therefore, your headshot must be on-brand, inviting, and relevant to your profession (targeting your market).

Take a look at the following images — see the different impressions? Can you guess what they do for a living? One is a Life Coach, the other a Chief Financial Officer, and one is an Executive Chef (wink). Strategically consider what you are wearing + the background + your posture. It all matters! 



While LinkedIn’s profile is capped at 2,000 characters, you don’t have to use all the space with text.

Insert white space, bullets, and mix up your copy; by writing your message with a combination of short and long sentences, you will create a more inviting read.

Additionally, by adding white space, you will help the eyes zero in on what matters. Employing strategies to make your profile more inviting, not only will it be easier on the eyes, but fun to read and distinct—like you!


Get focused and clear about your marketing message. Then unravel it slowly, piece by piece, from Headline through Summary to Recommendations:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do and why do you do it?
  3. What is unique about how you execute your job?
  4. Why should I care to connect with you or keep reading your profile?
  5. Are your recommendations reinforcing your brand message?

Stay focused. Follow an order and slowly guide me toward the last section on your LinkedIn profile and tell me what I should do next… call you? Connect with you? Endorse one of your skills?


One of LinkedIn’s latest and niftiest features is the integration of videos, images, and presentations. This visual aid can help your profile come to life QUICKLY!

You can now upload multimedia that can help reinforce your brand and marketing message. This can be charts, logos, awards, testimonials, videos, etc.

Tap into your creativity and let the marketing juices flow. Be careful not to give away confidential information through your presentations.  Also, don’t give away all of your data –you must protect some of your achievements and presentation material for an in-person interview. Otherwise, you will be rehashing information from your resume and that’s not sexy at all.

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