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10 Tricky Leadership Interview Questions

Ace the leadership interview with these top interview questions!

Keep your answers concise and relevant to the needs of your employer. Every single question they will ask you will be with the purpose of measuring you against all the other candidates that are vying for this same career opportunity.

A job interview is a typical and an unavoidable part of getting a job. This is very situation when the initial introduction is vital. Numerous capable individuals lose their opportunity to land the position they wished because of a repulsive meeting. That being said, you ought to be truly prepared for it. You ought to maintain a strategic distance from slip-ups and fill in all the holes in your plan.

Research and preparation mean everything!

The additional time you spend ahead of time to prepare, the more comfortable you’ll feel during the meeting. Keep in mind however, that an interview is somewhat of a test. You don’t have to study for hours, you simply need to do some small research on the organization or company, see precisely what they are searching for in a new employee, and guarantee that you’re ready to talk about your experience and what makes you an incredible fit for the job you are applying for.

Good Luck!

1. Why are you interested in this position? (Translation: What do you know about our company?)

2. Walk me through your resume and tell me what in your resume aligns with what we need from you in this position. (Translation: How does your experience serve us?)

3. Give me a specific example that will support your leadership skills in the face of XYZ challenges. (Translation: Produce evidence that you are ready for this position.)

4. What skills and experience do you bring to (desired title) and how will that benefit us? (Translation: We have other candidates in mind — how would you be a better choice?)

5. Tell me about your biggest success in being able to identify and develop opportunities to accelerate increased revenues and improve profitability within _______ environment. (Translation: Can you handle this job?)

6. What has been your biggest success? (Translation: What has been your peak contribution IN THIS INDUSTRY)

7. Give me an example of when you were able to establish, measure, and optimize XYZ? (Translation: Have you real knowledge of this industry and position?)

8. Describe a time when you had to resolve a conflict among a team you managed. What was the issue and how did you manage it? (Translation: How will you fit into our company culture?)

9. What is your management philosophy? (Translation: Will your leadership style align with ours?)

10. Is there any requirement for this job you feel you do not meet? (Translation: What worries you about this job and should I be worried, too?)

Again, keep your answers concise (but not robotic). If they want you to elaborate, they will engage you further. Begin your answers by summarizing the achievement then go into why and how.

e.g.:  When I was an Executive Director at Gamble I solved their market challenges. They were down 30% when I came on board and within 6 months I brought them out of the red. Today, they hold 45% of the market, a 125% increase since last year. I accomplished this by…

Please contribute leadership questions below. We would love to share them with all careerists.

Good luck!

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