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Take your jexecutive_biographyob search luck into your own hands with an executive biography that attracts, engages, inspires, and persuades! Who are you? Why this field? Who has inspired you?  How did you become so successful? What’s your secret? Why would anyone care about your legacy?


  • Make a great impression with a one-page executive biography, which is a critical personal branding tool!
  • Tell your career story beyond the confinements of the CV/resume.
  • Share your leadership philosophy and attract companies whose vision and culture perfectly aligns with your career growth and financial goals.
  • Discover hidden job opportunities by networking with top influencers and company ambassadors.

Executives are leveraging the biography every day to network their way into coveted career opportunities with top corporations.  Moreover, executive recruiters are increasingly requesting the executive biography. Don’t you think it is time you owned a professional executive bio that draws six-figure+ jobs your way?

An executive biography is a one-page networking tool. Some consider it even more important than the executive resume because senior and C-Suite level opportunities that shape careers are not often advertised. The highest-paying positions are not captured through traditional channels. In fact, many executives have networked their way into newly created positions or what I call “custom-designed roles.”



What is the difference between an executive biography and an executive resume?Executive_biography

An executive biography narrates your career background and progression in an organically engaging and more concise manner, unlike the resume. The resume should detail powerful and precise examples, chronology, keywords, and challenges with accountabilities and action steps clearly defined. By way of the executive bio, we can focus on critical career-defining milestones and weave your personal value, leadership philosophy, and vision so you draw in companies whose culture you would perfectly fit.

Another significant differentiator between the executive resume and the executive bio is that the latter is more about you. The resume is written from the employer’s eye view: What do they need from your candidacy? What similar problems have you solved for past employers? However, the biography is all about YOU! Who you are today as a leader and what value you deliver.

The executive biography is not only a great tool to hand to recruiters, but you can wield it to network with colleagues or contacts and explore any possible ventures or employment opportunities in a more casual style. Keep in mind that the executive resume is still an essential marketing dossier in your job search arsenal. The ideal job search package would include the executive bio to ensure that all of your documents are ‘on-brand’ and position you to succeed.


How to begin working with us:


1. Choose the service you prefer below.

2. Email us your current resume and/or bio if you have one.

3. Notify us if you have a deadline to meet. Note: Our turnaround on bios can be anywhere between 10 and 14 business days depending on our client volume.

4. Answer a few preliminary questions by email. We will email those to you within 24 hours of receiving your order.

5. A  3o to 45-minute phone call will be scheduled before writing to ascertain your vision and draw more details.

6. Review your bio and provide us with edits/corrections by email or set up another 30-minute call to discuss.  Two rounds of edits with bios included.

7. We will request a picture / headshot during the process.  We are very well versed in image editing should your picture need, cropping,  lighting, or sharpness enhancements.

Executive Biography and Online Profiles

Executive biography

Illustrated bio

Standalone Service. 


Modern Executive Visual Bio Standalone $775.00: Modern bio with picture and narrative, a quick snapshot of measurable achievements, and bottom-line impact illustrated in a chart/graphic. Sample




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