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For emerging leaders and professionals.  For Resume Branding Packages for Executives, click here

Our highly professional resume writing service team led by our experienced quadruple certified Master Resume Writer. We will equip you with a resume that wins interviews in this very competitive job search climate.  With more than 15 years of experience, writing resumes our award-winning professional resume writing service has an excellent client satisfaction rate.

In today’s challenging job market, qualifications aren’t enough to outdistance hundreds of qualified applicants for the same job opening!

This service is for experienced professionals who are not yet in management or executive positions but are gearing up to take on that leadership position. We will focus on bringing out your leadership training and qualifications. This service is also for experienced professionals with many years in their role and desire to position themselves as top candidates.

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Professional Resume Writing Services & Quote


Please place your order below. We will follow up with a “Welcome” email outlining next steps within 24 hours. We will also schedule your Resume Strategy telephone session. Please note that our turnaround time (from order to delivery) is typically 15 business days. 

You can begin on your side of the process right away. Every attempt will be made to speed delivery without sacrificing quality and impact. We take the appropriate amount of time to ensure your resume is a success, requiring a great deal of personal attention and creativity. If you have a deadline you wish to meet, please contact us first to confirm we can assist you by a particular date. Email

Begin a collaborative relationship with your professional resume writer. Selected for expertise in branding, strategy and format, our hand-picked group of certified resume writers will work one-on-one with you until all the information needed to write a dynamic résumé is in our hands. From there, we will work our magic until the perfect résumé is created. Just for you.

*Note: The following packages offer a savings.

 Components based on packages: 

  • Proprietary Career Assessment.
  • 30 to 45-minute phone consultation.
  • Unlimited email communications.
  • Resume in three formats: MS Word presentation, PDF, ASCII (digital).
  • Cover letter (2 versions: hiring manager and recruiter focused)
  • LinkedIn. New profile –not copy and paste of your resume.
  • Interview follow-up letter. Thank you letter!

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Management Resume $995


 Management Resume and Cover Letter $1195 (Savings in package $100.00)


Management Core Package $1395 (Savings in Package $300.00)
Resume, Cover letter, and LinkedIn




You are ready for your first leadership role or are an individual contributor with many years of experience.

Experienced Professional & Rising Leader $695


 Resume and Cover Letter $895 (Savings in package $100.00)


Core Package $1095 (Savings in Package $300.00)
Resume, Cover letter, and LinkedIn




For students, recent graduates, entry-level job candidates (zero to 2 years experience)

This service is for entry-level candidates with no prior experience in the role they seek. Your experience is school-based and perhaps odd jobs prior to deciding on your profession. Please note these are typically one-page resumes.  Thank you. If questions, contact us at

Graduate/Student Resume


MBA Graduate


 Resume and Cover Letter $695 (Savings in package $175.00)


Core Package $895 (Savings in package $300.00)
Resume, Cover letter, and LinkedIn




Why Our Resume Writing Service Works


Resume crafting distinction: WE ARE NOT A RESUME MILL! You work directly with the expert, award-winning multi-certified resume writer! Beyond Personalized, Customized, and Friendly service, our executive resume writing service offers the following:

√ Empowering process: You can count on us to take the necessary time to research hiring trends in your market and scrutinize your documents (i.e., old resume, letters of recommendation, online profiles, target job ads) to ensure we have uncovered EVERYTHING. Often, our clients say the process itself has empowered them to ace the interview and given them a much-needed recharge of confidence.

Visual marketing: Branded, interview-winning conservative resumes or modern with an elegant mix of color, graphics, logos, tables, charts and more. Our branded resumes and cover letters are tastefully designed and harmonized to provide you with a unique and modern resume that outdistances other professionally written resumes — making an unforgettable and immediate impact. Visual marketing with sophistication is crucial!

All designs are original, created based on your target industry, and your personal brand. Great design is imperative because you have less than 30 seconds to capture attention and win your resume the reading time it needs so you deliver your message (that you deserve an interview). If you prefer a more traditional black and white resume–no problem! Black and white resumes do not have to be mundane to convey professionalism. Presentation does persuade.

Concise and powerful, getting to the point quickly and making it easy for Hiring Managers to read through and identify your UVP (unique value proposition). The quality of a resume is not quantity based. Less is often more. Superfluous writing can at first seem striking, but upon closer study, there is no value. Every writer can write long-winded paragraphs, but only a talented executive resume writer can write concisely, strategically positioning and prioritizing skills, achievements, and qualifications; distilling, sharpening, combining, and distilling again to make every word count.

Atypical, substantiated, and compelling writing, persuading your new employer through the use of language that is unusual in resume writing to perk them up in their seats and hold their interest. It can get quite mundane for them to read how detail-oriented and goal-driven every job seeker is!

Complete service: We take you from initial consult to resume strategy session (to identify the weaknesses we need to overcome and the strengths we need to highlight); to job search plan development with the following service…Resume & Cover Letter Writing, Job Search Consulting, Interview Coaching, Online Branding (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Profile), SEO Consulting, Web Resume / Portfolios, Bios, and Career Management.

Experience with global clientele: We have partnered with powerhouse executives from Fortune 500 and 100 corporations, across the USA (New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, etc..) and worldwide (North, Central, and South America, Europe, Central and Far East Asia). This will bring an added competitive and global perspective to the development of your career marketing dossiers.


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