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If your LinkedIn profile is not saying, “Nice to meet you…I specialize in… and this is why you should care” …then it isn’t good enough to soar above the rest. 

LinkedIn has not replaced the resume! However, it is the “must have” online presence!  More than 95 percent of the recruiting is being performed via LinkedIn. Therefore, you must have a strong LinkedIn presence, too. Luckily for you, we are experts in developing LinkedIn profiles! Our profiles are not a “copy and paste” of your original resume. We incorporate top keywords, so your LinkedIn profile becomes a traffic magnet.

We also engage through story-telling that makes meaningful connections with friends, colleagues, recruiters, and potential employers alike. 

Complete LinkedIn Profile development: headline, summary, domain customization, photo upload and optimization, employment section, education, interest, organizations, honors & awards, contact information, and more.

√ This new LinkedIn profile will be keyword-rich (SEO), improving your search ranking, so recruiters and hiring authorities find you online. 

Network ready because relationships truly do matter, and so we will strengthen your online presence not only with recruiters but with your clients and colleagues. 

Strategically crafted without disclosing private details so that you inch recruiters closer to you by creating a “next step” if they want to attain your resume and learn more about you!

On-brand, cementing the professional reputation you have worked so hard in shaping and sustaining.

Targeted to your sector. We will research the most popular search phrases to position you as an expert in your field.

Confidential and secretly updated. If you are worried about your current employer learning about your “LinkedIn activity” — don’t worry! We have that covered!

Strategic choices! We have three styles of profiles to choose from based on a few factors, such as conducting a hidden job search:

1. Job-Search Focused Profile.

2. Company Ambassador Profile.

3. Story-Based Profile.

We will explain further and guide you in choosing once you sign up.


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LinkedIn Profile Optimization/ LinkedIn Development

$450.00 (order in a package with resume and cover letter and save)

  • Submit your current resume, bio, and a cover letter if available.
  • We will email you customized questions to position you online.
  • We will set up a 20 to 30-minute call.
  • Review your summary and bullet points offline.
  • Receive instructions on how to post your new Profile online.

Important: This is not a resume development service. You must have an existing resume to supply us, and you will also be asked to answer a few questions in writing or by phone.


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