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Treasure Hunt—Yo-ho-ho! Heat Up Your Job Search

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Aye! Ye can relax, sit back in a beach chair, and worry about job searching in September…Blimey! Are ye serious, matey? This is the perfect time to launch a “treasure (job) hunt.”

With map in hand, set sail into the hidden job course. It’s not that grueling. It’s worth the effort. It’s not as if me sending ye to Davy Jones’ locker! 

Map to Lead You to Job Openings Not Yet Released From the HR Chest

  • Research and identify companies in your target territory that would benefit from the differentiating value you offer. Peruse the company website and call them to gain a contact. You can try and locate a company contact via LinkedIn or Twitter as well.
  • Have your 30-second pitch ready. Focus on the value you will bring to them.
  • Offer to provide them with your LinkedIn URL for immediate access/connection.
  • Track the companies you’ve called; whom you spoke to. You can do so in MS Excel or better yet, with the Jibber Jobber Career Management tool.
  • Network! Always carry networking cards.
  • Create a broadcast letter, which is a great job search tool with the intention of soliciting non-advertised job openings.
  • Don’t underestimate the good old-fashioned way of door-to-door soliciting. Of course, with your broadcast letter in hand.


While all the other job seekers think hiring is slow during the summer–you will be on a treasure hunt, which will lead you to hidden, unadvertised careers. And, sail ho! The other job seekers will prefer to ‘walk the plank’ come September.

Fair Winds!


As always, if I can be of any assistance
Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
Master Resume Writer


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  1. Rosa, I loved the pirate voice and treasure map analogy. You point out some overlooked steps, such as having a networking card and door to door canvasing. Leave no stone unturned!
    Glad to be part of career collective with you!

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